Use the Sun-Kissed Collection for Under-the-Sea Scrapbook Fun

A certain cartoon crab once said that life is better under the sea. Although our lack of gills makes it impossible for us to confirm this, that doesn’t stop us from using our imagination to picture what a life underwater would be like. It certainly didn’t stop the granddaughter of blog contributor Vanessa, who decided on having a mermaid-themed party for her third birthday. This gave Vanessa the idea of using the Sun-Kissed collection and adjusting it to make her layout for the party capture the aquatic essence of the event. The result? An underwater-themed scrapbook layout that looks like it came straight from the bottom of the ocean!

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Showcase Sunshine & Smiles with a Sun-Kissed Layout

No matter how large the world may seem, we’re all still living under the same sun. The sun acts as the ultimate backlight for so many memories that turn into photographs, and after you compile all of these photos and memories, your next step is to figure out what to do with them. No collection can do a better job of showing off your sunny smiles or a tropical trip than Sun-Kissed! Today, blog contributor Vanessa outlines how to create a tropical travel scrapbook layout that does a phenomenal job of showcasing your photos alongside some sunny accent pieces that will make you feel like your vacation never ended. Let’s take a look!

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5 Hot Summer Scrapbook Collections for 2018

As July comes to an end, you have inevitably racked up quite the collection of summertime photos. Whether they’re from days at the beach, the Fourth of July, trips to the fair or any other summertime activity, you’re likely starting to think about what you want to do with all of these photos. Luckily, we’ve got a wide assortment of different summer scrapbook collections that will make your summertime photos shine. Show off photos of your vacation by the water, your homegrown garden photos and anything in between that screams “summer” to you with these 5 Hot Summer Collections for 2018. Continue reading 5 Hot Summer Scrapbook Collections for 2018

Sun-Kissed Fast2Fab™ for Easy, Breezy Beach Layouts

Summertime usually means that you are spending some time vacationing with your family. These vacations come with a lot of memories, but how can you best do these memories justice in your scrapbook? The Sun-Kissed Fast2Fab™ album makes for an abundance of easy summer scrapbook layout ideas that can make every vacation look as amazing as it was. In today’s post, blog contributor Krislyn shares how she uses these pages to lovingly show her trips without spending a lot of time and energy. Interested? Read on!

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#ThrowbackThursday – Sun-Kissed/Slice of Summer Scrapbook Layout

Have you had a great summer full of fun memories and want to make a summer scrapbook that does them justice? As we enter the end of July, now is the perfect time to look back at some of the past scrapbook layouts for summer that we’ve created and do a #ThrowbackThursday to re-create them! We’ve got one for you today that you’ll love… it’s a Slice of Summer layout that was featured on the blog last August, and this time we’ve created it using Sun-Kissed! So, as the sun continues to beat down and make the outdoors feel like the inside of an oven, now might be a great time to keep cool in your craft room and revisit the layout to make one (or a few!) for all of the summer memories you’ve made in 2018.

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“Life’s A Beach” Layout Using the Sun-Kissed Collection

Who doesn’t love a good day at the beach?! From playing in the sand to splashing around in the waves and water, the Sun-Kissed Paper Pack provides the perfect backdrop for any kind of beach, whether it be at a lake, ocean or river! Read on to check out a creative idea from one of our Independent Advisors!

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High Tides, Good Vibes Sun-Kissed Beach Scrapbook Layout

Looking for creative inspiration using the Sun-Kissed tropical travel scrapbook collection? Perfect – we’ve got just the thing for you! Check out this sizzling hot four-photo layout that will be ideal for scrapbooking all types of summer memories!

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Sun-Kissed Scrapbook Border Ideas

Who’s ready to hit the beach?! After playing with the color-drenched, laidback Sun-Kissed collection, I sure am! There are just so many ways to coordinate these summery colors and patterns with my photos of lazy summer days at the lake, picnics and all kinds of family gatherings. And, yes, this Minnesota girl is already daydreaming about taking a tropical vacay just so I can use the Sun-Kissed collection with pictures of real palm trees and endless sandy ocean beaches! That said, are you ready to check out these borders using Sun-Kissed? Let’s go!

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Let’s Take a #Vacay with the Sun-Kissed Collection

Have a great beach or vacation photo that you’d love to highlight by itself but weren’t quite sure how? We’ve got you covered! The new Sun-Kissed collection has just what you’re looking for, and we paired it with the Tropical Leaf Punch to create a one-photo layout you’ll love in just 10 simple steps!

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Sail Away with Sun-Kissed Digital Layouts

One of my absolute favorite places to spend time is at the beach so you can imagine my excitement when I saw the Sun-Kissed collection! Our family went on an amazing cruise vacation for Christmas this year and I have lots and lots of photos that will work perfectly with all of the designer papers and embellishments from Sun-Kissed. I am inspired to get working on my album and hope you are too. Let’s get started!

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