Sit Back And Soak Up Easy Creativity With This Summer Scrapbook Spread

Summer can be a busy season. Kids are out of school, yearning to beat any at-home boredom. There can be social obligations and vacation plans, like backyard BBQs or family reunions, ever-popular outdoor weddings, camping ventures, weekend beach getaways with friends, yardwork and gardening and more. But as an iconic lyric says, “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy,” like those relaxing lay-back-on-a-hammock, soak-up-the-sun, gaze-at-the-bright-blue-sky, let-your-worries-drift-into-the-cooling-breeze moments! On that note of easy, Fast2Fab™-inspired designer papers allow you to make your summery memories in a quick, hot minute so you can enjoy more of the warm-weather months. Soak up this summer scrapbook spread and see how easy, breezy and fun it is to make!

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Keep Cool With These Summer Scrapbook Projects

The basic umbrella was invented more than 4,000 years ago and its early use has links back to Egypt, China and Greece, protecting people from the sun’s powerful rays and to provide shade. (And the word “umbrella” actually derives from the Latin word “umbra,” meaning shadow!) Even today, people use umbrellas or parasols to provide a bit of cooling relief during summertime (not just a rainy day item!). Well, if you want to cast some shade on your next creations, then take a look at these summer scrapbook ideas — we forecast a 100% chance of having a great time making them!

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Bask In This Summer Scrapbook Layout

What’s on your summer bucket list? Hike some local trails? Go hammocking by the lake? Have a grill out with people on your street? Camp in the backyard? Throw water balloons at friends or run through the sprinklers? Enjoy relaxing beach days or walk the boardwalk? No matter the checklist, there’s so much to relish about the warm-weather months! Here’s another to-do to add to your seasonal docket — making this summer scrapbook layout from blog contributor Sachiyo Omitsu!

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A Slice Above The Rest: Sweet Summer Scrapbook Layout

A quintessential and sweet summertime staple — the hydrating watermelon! Watermelon is a treat, any way you slice it. Go to a farmers’ market during the warmer-weather months and you’ll find baskets and tables filled with the oval or spherical fruit (FYI, it’s part of the gourd family!) with a dark green, smooth rind and juicy reddish-pink pulp. And when it comes to summer picnics, BBQs, pool parties and campground meals, this delicious fruit always seems to be at the ready to consume and enjoy. Well, if you’re willing to take a bite into you next summer scrapbook project, then take a look at this sweet beauty!

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Shoot for the Stars With These DIY Summer Scrapbook Cards

It’s no secret that there is a plethora of activities to do during a sweltering summer’s day (after slathering on the sunscreen, of course!) — pool days with friends, making sidewalk chalk art, playing beach volleyball, weekends at the lake and boating, family cookouts, yard games and more. We try to soak up as much sunshine as possible during these warm-weather months, but the outdoor fun doesn’t need to end when the sun goes down! The longer evenings call for after-dark fun like sitting around a crackling bonfire and toasting s’mores, camping in the backyard, chasing fireflies and stargazing. These nighttime wonders can light up unforgettable memories, and even more so when you use the layered glitters stickers from the Sunrays for Days Buy-It-All Bundle. (And they’re ONLY available in this bundle while supplies last!)

Dance in the moonlight (and then straight to your craft room!) with these DIY summer scrapbook cards!

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Sizzle With Style: Take On The #2022MayBONUS Challenge

Phew! We are feeling the heat today, for the latest collection, Sunrays for Days, is shining brighter than a summer’s day on the CM stratosphere! It’s perfect for those warm-weather and water-filled wondrous memories of backyard grill outs, beach trips and waterpark adventures, slurping up sweet and melty treats, bonfires by the lake, playing yard games with family and so much more. And to crank it up another degree or two, we also have a #2022MayBONUS challenge in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group that will set you straight to summer vacay mode. Want to learn more about it? See the details below and directions on how you can make a sizzlin’ summer scrapbook layout.

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