A new, unique, no-holds-barred opportunity

The new CM Advisor opportunity was designed with both the casual scrapbooker and the income- and team-builder in mind. It’s based on the simple principle that the more you do, the more you earn. With this plan, noting what it isn’t is as important as what it includes.

There are no minimums and no personal volume, group volume or leader requirements. Really. There are no titles or ranks…everyone who signs up is a CM Advisor. You can sign up directly or under an existing Advisor…the choice is yours.

To offer you the freedom and flexibility of working when you want, how you want, it’s an annual plan with a low annual fee (the only mandatory amount payable to be an Advisor). So you can share the mission and products by working seasonally, monthly, weekly or daily…it’s up to you.

Being an Advisor can be as simple as putting your personal link (URL) on your website, blog or on social media and earning passive income when people visit the CM site through your link and purchase products. Or you can take a more hands-on approach and share albums and stories in person, at crops, tradeshows, parties or one-on-one, and either order on behalf of your customers or invite them to purchase through your link.

Your retail profit rate and commission rate are based on your annual balance, which you can begin growing immediately after signing up. As you sell more, your account balance grows, and your earnings go up. They can go all the way up to a 40% retail profit rate and 8% commission rate on your group.  (Not bad, eh?)

Creative Memories Earnings Chart

Anyone can have Advisors sign under them, and when you do, you can immediately begin earning on what they sell, based on your account balance.

It’s that simple. And unprecedented. We hope you like it, and find it easier than ever to earn while you share what you love. You can find more details here, and/or sign up here.

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