The Best of Both Worlds

Thank you for sharing your excitement! We’ve been hearing from people across North America (and all over the world), that nothing compares to Creative Memories’ products for quality, design and longevity. And now they’re available alongside the fresh, easy-to-complete Ahni & Zoe line.

If you’re a build-a-page-from-scratch person, we’ve got you covered. We’ll offer Creative Memories authentic Bookcloth Coversets in a variety of colors (all in True 12×2 size), white, natural and spargo Refill Pages and Page Protectors, 4 new paper packs, the Tape Runner and 9″ Trimmer, with more to come over the following weeks and months (after the initial ramp-up, products will be launched quarterly). Many of you have asked about popular tools, like the Border Maker and replacement blades, and our product team is working on them, so stay tuned.

Can you see me doing the Happy Dance!!!!! Ruby 12×12 Albums! Happy Girl!! – Sherri L.

“Seriously cannot wait to get the 12×12 ebony coverset with pages again!!! Looking forward to getting back on track with the scrapbooking products that I love!” – Teri-Lyn S.

“A plain and simple thank you!!” – Michelle Y.

Creative Memories Albums

And if you’re an album-in-an-hour type gal, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for with the Ahni & Zoe line of Fast2Fab albums (now in True 12×12 size), which include Fast2Fab refill pages and page protectors. You’ll see there are some new designs, including Put Me In Coach, Orchid You Not, The Bus Stops Here and more.

“Sooo excited they’re keeping both formats! It’s a win-win for everyone. I LOVE the fast-to-fab albums and pages because I can get sooo much done but it’s also nice to work with blank pages and paper when I have the time or feel like being super creative! I’m so thrilled to be a part of this wonderful brand and cannot wait to see all the wonderful things ahead!!!!” – Julia B.

“A plain and simple thank you!!” – Michelle Y.

“My life had gotten so busy I wasn’t able to make time for scrapbooking, Then I found out about Fast2Fab albums! Love them! I’ve done three so far, one for me and two as gifts, and they only took about an hour each. Loving this snapbooking!” – Laura T.

“It took me just 20 minutes to make a Fast2Fab album for my daughter’s 15th birthday. By the time she got to the third or fourth page, she started to cry. Cry! She flipped through it a couple of times before saying thank you, I love you, hugging us and then going to the couch to look at it some more. Thank you for this moment I will never forget.” – Lourdes S.

We look forward to helping you remember all of your special moments for many, many years to come!

Creative Memories Fast2Fab Albums

3 thoughts on “The Best of Both Worlds

  1. I would do cartwheels and jump for joy if you would make Page Protectors to fit the original sized CM Albums. I have 20+ albums that need Page Protectors (x 3 = 60 packs). I felt abandoned and frustrated when my investment was no longer supported.
    How about a limited run? You could make a lot of scrapbookers very happy.
    Thanks, Kathy Dilgarde

  2. I would like to see the glue pen brought back. Many of us used this pen and are disappointed you don’t have one. Please bring it back. We need it especially for for the borders that have little space to put the tape runner on.

  3. I started purchasing Creative Memories products in about 1993, was an avid scrapper for several years. Then life happened and I no longer had time. I purchased several albums prior to me stopping scrapbooking. Through the years I have purchased several packs of pages from friends, Yard Sales and Thrift Stores. What I would like to know is, when did CM change the size of the pages? What year was the change for both the pages and the page protectors? This info will be really helpful because I am starting to scrapbook again.

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