Wedding Title Scrapbook Border Ideas


Wedding photos capture a beautiful moment in time. The way you arrange them in your album will help you share the love story in a simple, meaningful way.

Here, I’ve used the Natural Elegance Collection to make several border titles for wedding pages. Try some and get the basic idea for the formula, and then make up your own that will help to tell your wedding story best!



These borders work equally well in the Natural Elegance Fast2Fab Album and on blank white or black pages. Which do you like best?

Ingredients for Wedding Border Titles:

(Instructions are given for the “Love Story” Title; use the basic formula to create the others, as shown, or make up your own)

Step 1: Cut a border strip of Natural Elegance floral paper to 1.5″ x 12″. At about the 8″ mark, cut the strip in half at a 45 degree angle.

Step 2: Cut a strip of light grey cardstock to .75″ x 12″. At about the 7″ mark, cut the strip in half at a 45 degree angle. Adhere to border.

Step 3: Using the Heart Chain Cartridge, punch a strip of pink cardstock. Trim to 6.75″. Apply Repositionable adhesive to the back and adhere to grey strip.

Step 4: Using the Lace Scallop Border, punch a strip of light grey cardstock. Trim to 7.75″. Apply Repositionable adhesive to the upper portion of strip and adhere to border as shown, with the lace peeking out underneath border.

Step 5: Using Foam Squares, apply “Love Story” Sticker to border.

Step 6: To make the accent border, trim one end of remaining light grey strip at a 45 degree angle. Mount a 4″ piece of the remaining heart chain strip. Using a Foam Square, add arrows/heart sticker.

Your wedding pages will be a reflection of the beautiful day…have fun!

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