Meet Us Monday: Tara Dickinson

Tara Dickinson is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer for Creative Memories, beer snob, kitty lover and can eat more pancakes and pizza in one sitting than you can imagine. 

Going into her second semester at St. Cloud State University in 2007 Tara decided to make a seemingly impractical career choice and pursue a BFA in graphic arts. Her talents got her in the door with an internship in her final semester of college with CM. She was then officially hired on as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator in the spring of 2011. She then stayed on board until 2013. After that Tara went on to work a short stint in Advertising. The agency was a great experience and she was able to expand her knowledge and skills, but she missed the creative freedom from her former illustrative job. Luckily for her she got an early Christmas gift and was called back to work for Creative Memories mid December of 2015. 


Outside of work Tara likes to be active. Growing up she played basketball, volleyball, and softball and she continues to play in volleyball and softball leagues. Four days a week you can find her doing box jumps, running sprints, doing burpees and seemingly torturing herself after work at the Fitness Garage. In the summer she can usually be seen on the lake where she is a first mate on her boyfriends boat, wake-boarding and surfing. In the winter she can be seen on the slopes snowboarding. One of her favorite things to do with her boyfriend, Nick, is to go out and discover great beer.  Tara also enjoys cooking and is always looking for a way to make recipes with healthy alternatives so she can feel good about eating all that pizza.

(Ask her about her blender pancakes.)


grew up on a farm in rural MN

caught a 7 foot 250 lb lemon shark

first half marathon time 1:57:57

driveway HORSE basketball current title holder

Target addict

has 2 finger tattoos

loves to travel

grande double soy dirty chai’s


Tara lives in Little Falls, MN with her boyfriend and their 4 month old kitten named Cici Pickles.

7 thoughts on “Meet Us Monday: Tara Dickinson

    1. I think its nice to meet people and know they are real just like us. Isn’t that part of why they do this, so we can feel comfortable about the people we are buying product from and know they are real people. This is who she is and why would you want to change that. perfect example of society being so judgmental.

    2. “foul mouth”?? Where’d you even get that?? I’m glad to know she has tatoos and enjoys craft beer…

  1. Not trying to offend or be judgemental. Thought it didn’t belong on a professional site. I am chastised answer embarrassed. I’m sorry.

  2. Glad to have you at CM, Tara! With all of our cute and beautiful products, we’re lucky to have your creativity and talent! Cheers!

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