Digital Christmas Cards using Christmas Past

Do you love receiving a personalized card?  I do and I love making them to send to my friends and family at Christmas and all through the year.  We receive so much electronic mail now and opening the mailbox to a personalized card is refreshing!


I grabbed the Digital Christmas Past Collection and added the Digital Ruby ABC/123 to make a card with the most recent photos of my children.  So quick and fun to create a card to share with friends and family at Christmastime.


You choose your size depending on if you are printing at home or at your local print shop.  This is a 4 x 8 size but you can customize to whatever size you like!


For this card I grabbed photos from our latest vacation to California, flipped them to black and white as the colours didn’t suit the Christmas Past collection and designed a fun Rudolph!


I used Digital Daily Docket to create this 5 x 7 card to have available when I need a card just to send as a reminder to a friend that I am thinking about them.  I design my own birthday cards, party invitations, tags, posters.  I love all of the possibilities when creating digitally!  I have even created everyday cards, printed multiple copies to give those packages as gifts.  Have fun designing your personalized cards!

Merry Christmas!


7 thoughts on “Digital Christmas Cards using Christmas Past

  1. I’m not real adept with digital. I have played around with it a bit, but don’t really understand what I am doing. I love what you have created and would really appreciate some kind of video tutorial. I need a visual and step-by-step to figure it out. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely cards!

  2. Thank you for the info I was wondering what & how to use CM digital I have Artisan so I will buy CM digital

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