Photo Tips – Top Things to Photograph at Christmas

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year and it is most often surrounded by traditions and family.  I try every year to come up with a new photo idea, the topics usually remain the same, I just try to find a new perspective when snapping the photos.  Looking at the same things in a new way and capturing that moment to remember for a lifetime.

Favourite Family Tradition

Every year our family visits the Christmas tree lot where we cut our own tree and I take the same photo of the tree falling.  It is nice to look back and see the difference in the size of the children and who is cutting the tree.  It used to be my husband when the children were small and now that Ben is 16 he is doing lots of the work.  I took that same photo this year, but I think my favourite photo from the day was Lauren and Grant grabbing a selfie while Todd and Ben cut the tree.


Decorating the Tree


Decorating the tree or decorating Grant – both are fun!

Favourite Ornament


Do you have a favourite ornament or decoration that is new or has been passed down through the family?

Christmas Lights


Christmas lights on your own home or around your neighbourhood.

Christmas Baking


What do you bake at Christmas, favourite family treat, who does your baking?  All great reasons to snap a photo in the kitchen!

Pretty Presents under the tree


Snap a photo of  the tree and all of beautifully wrapped presents before the mess happens!



Who did you spend Christmas Eve or Christmas Day with?  Get a group photo with everyone there!

The Stocking Were Hung


Where do you hang your stocking?  Who hangs a stocking in your house?

Cookies for Santa


What treat do you leave out for Santa and his reindeer?



Snap a photo of the sleepy, but excited faces waiting to see what Santa brought.

Before and After


I set my camera up on a tripod on Christmas morning and my camera has a setting where it will take a photo every so many minutes or you could use a remote.  This one is before all of the mess happened!


All of the presents are opened and clean up begins!

Look Out Your Window


What was the weather like on Christmas morning this year?  16 degrees and sunny in 2015!

Table Setting


What does your table look like for Christmas dinner?  Do you have special dishes, a family heirloom, or family dishes?

So many great memories around Christmas and it is so important to capture those memories for our families.  New and old traditions, they are all so special!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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