Easter 2017 Treat Gift Boxes

Easter 2017 is just around the corner. With that, we are hopping around looking for Easter treats for our co-workers and family. We certainly do our fair share of eating sweet treats around the Creative Memories office. Rarely is the candy dish empty (or maybe it is empty all too often and we’re constantly refilling it; I guess it depends on how you look at it.)

Let us show you how to create a most-adorable gift box for those special little treats using just one piece of Cardstock and one piece of Designer Print Paper. Or, just create the base box and decorate the outer portion of the box with paper and a cute border.



Learn how to create these adorable boxes for Easter weekend by watching this video:





  • Score along the dotted lines.
  • Cut out the gray cornered areas with a scissors.
  • Cut where there is solid black lines, with scissors.


To create the Easter Treats Gift Box, you will need:

Create one, or a few.

To create the Easter Treat gift box, I only created a bottom/base of the box.  I would suggest that you use cardstock for the base as it provides more stability.


When you have created your Easter Treat Gift Box, please share on social media using #creativememorieseastertreats. We would love to feature your project on our channels.

Happy creating!



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  1. Such a cute way to decorate for Easter brunch! I’ve got just enough time to try it! Thanks for the great idea!

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