Power Sort, Power Layouts Kit and Super Organized

I am guilty of not being the most organized person in the world, my house can be a bit cluttered, but my photos are organized!  If you asked me for a photo of a specific event I can put my hand on that quite quickly!  I love the Power Sort Box for my photos, but it is also very handy when organizing scrapbooking supplies.


I have a Power Sort Box for each, but if I am going out for just an evening to scrapbook and I don’t need all of my photos I may just grab the couple compartment boxes that I want and fit them into my embellishment box.


I have my embellishments organized alphabetically as well as my photo mats, so I can find them quickly.   I have mine separated out, but it is a personal preference of what works for you.  You could keep your photo mats with embellishments from the same collection.


As for my photos, I organize by album and chronologically within each compartment folder.  I have used a CM pen on the divider and it can easily be wiped off if you want to reuse the divider.  There are many ways to organize your photos, depending on your scrapbooking needs.  I have albums for each child, family album, vacation album, heritage album, etc…. You may have one family album and therefore you could organize your Power Sort Box by events, occasions and holidays or in strictly chronological order.


Within my compartment boxes I have my photos organized by event or layouts that I want to do.  I use the divider to list the layouts that I want to complete in that album and when it is completed I erase it from the divider.

Another great organizing tool is the Power Layouts Kit to get your projects organized.  This box is the perfect size to fit your scrapbook papers or pages in to transport them to crops or to just keep you organized with what layouts you want to complete next.   The Power Layouts Kit includes 15 guides to slide between your layout supplies for each page.


I like to use my Power Layout kit when I am heading away for a weekend of scrapbooking and I have a page goal to achieve in my albums.  It takes some organizing before you go, but it really speeds up your thought process on each page when you sit down to scrapbook them.  It is really just a matter of assembling the page.


I am working on an album for our 25th Wedding Anniversary year.  I have printed photos of my husband and I throughout the year since our 24th Anniversary up to our 25th Anniversary last week.  I have my photos organized chronologically so the Power Layouts Kit is perfect to keep them organized.  I chose the photos, picked papers, mats, journal boxes and embellishments that would work on that layout.  If I was super organized I could have matted the photos now and also written my story on the journal box.


When I sit down to work on my pages I am ready to start putting my page together and I don’t  have to decide colours or what collection I am going to use.  It is already done!


As you can see above I have two layouts ready to compete and I have all the supplies I will need including the stickers for both pages.


After I have all of my supplies organized and placed in the box I add embellishments, foam squares, stickers, ABC123 stickers and you can even add in a tape runner.  The box closes securely and nothing gets out of order or mixed up with other pages.  It all stays put where you want it!


Being organized can be challenging, but with these two great tools it is easy!



11 thoughts on “Power Sort, Power Layouts Kit and Super Organized

  1. I loved reading this because I am also very organized. I haven’t scrapbooked in years but when I am ready, everything is in power sort boxes and files mates when I am ready! I have to say one thing I miss is the file mate organizers. I would put all of my memorabilia in those, some of which are too big to organize any other way. I have since purchased other similar products but none compare to the file mate!

  2. Great write up for the organizers. I wish I was so organized. I guess it just take time up front to do it. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I have about 8 big layout sort boxes and they are great to keep projects in – start on them before the need!!!

  4. Love it…love the power sort boxes…have several….love my power lay out box also….I ran out of the plastic dividers once and the pieces of cardboard that come with your pages and protectors work great…just the right size….One time when I was really socking it to it I used the actual pages as dividers and that worked too.

  5. Thanks for sharing your organizing methods, it makes scrapbooking so much easier! I love my CM organizational products! I’ve had them for a long time and they’re still in good shape in spite of much wear and tear.

  6. I love my power sort kits. Yes, it does take a bit of time and thought to get pages organized, but once you arrive at a crop with them, everything is smooth sailing! It really helps me enjoy going to a crop even more, because I can chat with friends and enjoy looking at other’s creations as well. I won’t be digging through tons of materials trying to make hasty decisions and missing
    out on the fun of socializing. I really think these items need to be called “empowerment” kits! I feel like a better scrapper when I am organized. :-)

  7. Organization is the key to making good progress on your albums! I use my Power Sort boxes and layout pages all the time. This is especially helpful when going to a group crop, then when we are distracted by the place and the people, we have already made the decisions and can just execute!

  8. Great idea!!! I am always looking else-where for organization tools. I use the power sort box for my photos, but never thought to use them for other items I would like to organize. … it’s been there all the time!! :)

  9. I “boot camp” and prep 30 pages in 3 hours using my power layout box. The sort compartments hold my extra pictures, embellishments and mats, as well as a couple packs of flip flaps.

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