Sugarplum Banner Hybrid Style


I love decorating my scrapbook pages with banners, but I also love to decorate around my home with banners as well.  The Sugarplum Collection has so many beautiful pastel colors that can be used for Christmas, but lots of other occasions as well.


To create this banner project you will need:

Start this project with a 5″ x 7″ digital size page.  Create a banner shape and fill  with an assortment of Sugarplum papers.  Create a black banner shape and place under the Sugarplum paper banner.  Soften the edge of the Sugarplum banner to to enable the black banner to show through to create a shadowed edge on the Sugarplum banner.

Add Pink ABC123 letters and use wreath for the “O” in “JOY”.  Add a 3D edge to the letters to give them dimension.  Add  Sugarplum Embellishments to decorate each banner.  Add heavy shadows to each letter and embellishment to make them pop.

Print each banner and adhere with tape runner  to white cardstock  with a 1/4″ mat.  Use foam squares to decorate banners with Sugarplum  Embellishments.

The embellishments can overlap digital embellishments on the banner.




Punch holes in the two top corners of each banner and weave ribbon through to join the banners together.


Have fun decorating!



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