Love This Time of Year


I love this time of the year.

Some call me crazy, but watching the snowflakes fall for the very first time(s) is magical.

Watching the flakes fall from the sky-knowing that if they keep falling there will be a lot of outdoor fun to be had.

Creating a simple layout with only a few mats and stickers allows your photos to sparkle.


To create this layout, you will need:


Use the beige patterned paper as the base for this layout.

Using 6 mats, cut and lay them out onto the base as shown.

Adhere stickers, some with Foam Squares for added dimension.

Adhere photos.

Journal as desired.


Happy Creating!



5 thoughts on “Love This Time of Year

  1. Leslie, do you need me to mail my registration and the deposit for the Feb. crop to you or can I give you the information over the phone?

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  2. Crazy? No way! Having grown up in Colorado, I miss the snowflakes and wish we had more of them here in Louisiana. Love your simple, but elegant layout…thanks! Sandee

  3. Great idea for using the mat packs beyond the pocket albums! BTW, you are not crazy and being from Ohio I understand the appeal of the snow, but I’m happy with the palm trees here in sunny south Florida year after year!! LOL

  4. Impressive! I can never think outside the box about my materials. I am always learning and growing by reading this blog! Thank you. <3

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