Sketch Round-Up July 12-25

Here’s today’s agenda for you: scrapbooking, of course! Corral your trimmer, adhesives, pens, stickers, papers and more, for it’s time for another Sketch Round-Up with a lineup of innovative ideas, pretty projects and dynamic designs! Let’s go!

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Sketch Round-Up June 28-July 11

Talk about a weekend of scraptastic sketches, community connections, insights and ideas, lovely layouts and so much more — the July Virtual Crop has been a top-notch event. And that’s all thanks to you! Let’s keep that cropping adrenaline pumping, shall we? Here are four more ideas for you to tackle and to put your own creative spin on!

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Sketch Round-Up June 14-27

We all set aside time for the things that are important to us, from our day-to-day career to personal matters. You make the deadline at work, the kiddos enjoy their sports and activities, we take the time to call loved ones, the laundry and cleaning get done (eventually!). Scrapbooking is just as important — as a welcome “me time” hobby and as a way to preserve important moments and history — so it should also be a priority, right?! So, if you feel like you need “permission” to start scrapping: HERE, you have our CM stamp of approval and endorsement! Take a look at these four awesome projects and try to add at least one (if not all!) to your to-do list this week!  

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Sketch Round-Up May 31-June 13

This weekend’s jam-packed, globally great, creatively cool Worldwide Virtual Crop is coming to a close, but we know a scrapper’s creativity never truly ends! So tap into your innovation, corral your motivation and dial into some inspiration — it’s time for the Sketch Round-Up!

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Sketch Round-Up May 17-30

May has been an awesome month of packed promos, cool collections, community connections and so much more! We can’t wait to see what June brings, but first, let’s end the month on a good note with great sketches for you to turn up the creativity heat! Here we go — it’s time for the Sketch Round-Up!

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Sketch Round-Up May 3-16

Wow, everyone’s creativity has been out of this world with all the picture-perfect projects and stunning spreads we’ve seen posted throughout this Virtual Crop weekend! You never cease to amaze (and inspire!) us and other scrappers from around the world! Since we’re feeling starstruck, it only makes sense to show off four sketches that feature the Outta This World collection! So let’s continue this crafty momentum and gear up for sketch takeoff — it’s time for the Sketch Round-Up!

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Sketch Round-Up April 19-May 2

National Scrapbook Day 2021 has come and gone… but ideas, innovation and inspiration can always be found in the scrapbooking world (and we thank you for that)! From awesome events like NSD to the sketch challenges and your superb submissions at Virtual Crops, as well as the daily doses of delights on the blog, crafting fun comes in many avenues and forms… and all year-long! In fact, are you ready for another bout of motivation? Well, here it goes — the latest edition of the Sketch Round-Up!

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Sketch Round-Up March 29-April 18

Wow. We’re already four months into 2021… but what sorts of layouts, cards, borders and other projects have you created in that timeframe? (Please make sure to let us know — we want to see what you’ve been up to!) Well, if you’re yearning to do some learning, the blog is a great place to see fresh, fun and fantastic new ideas to stimulate your creativity all year round. In fact, here’s a jam-packed Sketch Round-Up of some recent beauties — six layouts, in fact! Check them out below and let loose your creativity!

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Sketch Round-Up March 15-28

Inspiration is everywhere — the creative genius from fellow Advisors and customers, the blog, noticing the surroundings and features around you and more! Are you looking for some fresh ideas to tap your scrapbook skills and savviness toward? Well, you’re in the right spot — it’s time for the Sketch Round-Up! Check out these four sketches below — two from the Staycation collection and two with Keep the Faith products — but they are all winners! See for yourself below!

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Sketch Round-Up March 1-14

Where does your mind drift off to when you see a new sketch or layout idea? Are you envisioning what photos would nestle onto the page? Or is your mind thinking of the punches, embellishments or stickers you’ll incorporate to jazz it up and make the project your very own? Perhaps you ask yourself, “When can I set aside some ‘me-time’ to make this idea a reality?” No matter where your mind meanders to, channel any and all of those thoughts right now, for it’s time for the Sketch Round-Up! What will you concoct with these four sketches?

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