Virtual Crop: Wrap Up

THANK YOU for joining us today!

We hope that you have enjoyed your day, and that you were able to get projects completed!

You have until 10PM CST tonight to submit your  challenge layouts to the FB Event Page to qualify for the FINAL Door Prize….or possibly PRIZES!

Door Prize Winners:

  • Challenge #1: Lorrie Taylor
  • Challenge #2: Carolyn Suski
  • Challenge #3: Lloydette Diggs
  • Challenge #4: Lori Long Wintrow
  • Challenge #5: Nancy Cunningham
  • End Of Day: Sue Inman & Jill McBryan

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We would also LOVE to thank our Content Contributors!  Without them–these events wouldn’t be possible!  They are:

  • Beth Thomander- CAN
  • Noreen Smith- CAN
  • Diana Brinsley- US
  • Krislyn Mattei- US
  • Susan Dorington- AUS
  • Dayna Trueman Nelson- AUS/US
  • Alison Cole- AUS
  • Karyn McDermaid Rolfe- US
  • Tiffany Chittenden AUS
  • Kelly Batten- AUS CM Home Office
  • Melissa Ullmann- US CM Home Office

We just couldn’t leave you without sharing one more project!  Consider it a bonus!

FullSizeRender (4)

Created by Melissa Ullmann- US Home Office:



Step 1: Cut several pieces to measure 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ from your paper scraps.  Adhere to random squares on the calendar.

Step 2:  Adhere random stickers and die cuts on the calendar grid.

Step 3:  Place the calendar behind the glass of the frame.

Step 4:  Use a dry erase marker to write in the dates, and an info you need to add!

At the end of the month, just switch out the specific month die cut, place back in the frame, wipe the front of the glass clean, and write the new dates and events on the glass!


Happy Creating!


2 thoughts on “Virtual Crop: Wrap Up

  1. I like to take part in the virtual crops. However, I didn’t ever get a notice that there was going to be one on July 16th until the actual day when it started. Do you send out a notice before the date? If so, how do I get on that notice list?

    FYI: #5 looked like lots of fun. I’ll go back and try some of the challenges.

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