BONUS IDEAS–Virtual Crop Scrapbooking Sketch Ideas

Were you busy this weekend, and not able to attend our Virtual Crop?

Well guess what?  We have MORE ideas from the sketch challenge for you!

Plus, here is a recap of the challenges in the event you would like to take a peek!

July Virtual Crop: Challenge 1

July Virtual Crop:  Challenge 2

July Virtual Crop: Challenge 3

July Virtual Crop:  Challenge 4

July Virtual Crop:  Challenge 5

July Virtual Crop:  Wrap Up

Here is the sketch that we used–thanks to Noreen Smith!

Noreen's July 1-2-3 Layout Sketch

June 1-2-3 Cutting Guide


Created by Susan Dorrington- AUS:





Created by Alison Cole- AUS:



AYTR2 Layout 3

Created by Noreen Smith- CA:




Created by Tiffany Chittenden- AUS:

Created by Beth Thomander- CAN:


Happy Creating! 





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