BONUS IDEAS–Virtual Crop Scrapbooking Sketch Ideas

AYTR2 Layout 3

Were you busy this weekend, and not able to attend our Virtual Crop?

Well guess what?  We have MORE ideas from the sketch challenge for you!

Plus, here is a recap of the challenges in the event you would like to take a peek!

July Virtual Crop: Challenge 1

July Virtual Crop:  Challenge 2

July Virtual Crop: Challenge 3

July Virtual Crop:  Challenge 4

July Virtual Crop:  Challenge 5

July Virtual Crop:  Wrap Up

Here is the sketch that we used–thanks to Noreen Smith!

Noreen's July 1-2-3 Layout Sketch

June 1-2-3 Cutting Guide


Created by Susan Dorrington- AUS:





Created by Alison Cole- AUS:



AYTR2 Layout 3

Created by Noreen Smith- CA:




Created by Tiffany Chittenden- AUS:

Created by Beth Thomander- CAN:


Happy Creating! 





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