Virtual Crop: Challenge 3

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So, let’s jump to our second challenge for today!

CHALLENGE 3:  Create a Calendar Page Layout or grid in an unusual way.  If you don’t have the A Year To Remember calendar create your own….or use the following layouts as inspiration!  Make sure to post a photo of your layout/idea on our Virtual Crop Event Page, so that you will be entered into the drawing for a door prize!  Make sure to use the hashtag #cmjulyvirtualcrop ….on all your postings!

Here are a few ideas that our Content Contributors have shared:


Created by Karyn McDermaid-Rolfe- US: Gratitude Journal


Step 1:  Cut three 1.5”x12” strips from the flower paper
Step 2:  Trim two of the pieces to fit in the calendar grids as needed.
Step 3:  Cut a 2.75” x 11”piece from white cardstock and punch one end with the Decorative Arcs Border Punch.
Step 4:  Trim photos to 6”x4”, 3”x4”, 3”x3”, 3”x3” and 3”x3”.
Step 5:  Cut a 1/2” x 7” piece of flowered paper.
Step 6:  Assemble page adding titles and embellishments as shown.



Susan Dorrington-AUS:  Birthday & Anniversary Reminder Page



1. Cut 9 x 1 ¼” squares from one sheet of Paper, 5 x 1 ¼” squares from a second sheet of paper and 4 x 1 ¼” squares from a third sheet of paper.

2. Using the month stickers from AYTR1 lay out all the months as you like on the page. I have made 4 columns of months and 3 columns inbetween are for the paper squares.

3. Attach your paper squares to the in between columns.

4. Write all the birthday or anniversary dates into the squares below each month. I have used the number stickers for a couple of special dates throughout the year, but for the rest I have written the date with the round tip and the name with the fine tip.

5. Create a title for your page – you could use ABC stickers, or you could use the AYTR2 Embellishment Pack.

6. Use Embellishment and stickers to fill any blank spaces and to complete your page.



Susan Dorrington-AUS:  Photo Cubes



1. Using the tape runner attach a Calendar page sheet from A Year to Remember Part 2 paper pack. Choose 3 other sheets of co-ordinating paper from this pack to go on your page.

2. Position your photo’s over the grid to work out where you will cut them, keeping in mind that the corner rounder will remove some of your photo, so ensure that faces/eyes and anything important is not situated in the corner. Cut your photo’s to 1 ¼” squares and then use the corner rounder on each square.

3. Sit your photo’s on the page where you want to place them to get an idea of space left over that you have to fill with paper and your heading.

4. Choose one colour to place under all of your photo’s. Cut to 1 ¼” squares, but only use the corner rounder on the square around the border of your photos as you want the colour of the paper to show through underneath. I have used 24 squares or green paper from Mint to Be for my page.

5. Using one of the coordinating papers cut 6 x 1 ¼” squares and corner round the top 3 only. The bottom 3 I have only rounded the corners on the right hand side as the others are left showing under the photo. Use tape runner to attach to your page.

6. Using another coordinating paper cut 6 x 1 ¼” squares and use the corner rounder on all of them. Use taper runner to attach to your page.

7. Choose two sticker types for your Title area and alternate sticking them across the middle of your page.

8. Using taper runner, stick all of your photo’s in place.

9. Use ABC stickers to create your Title.

10. Stick a few small stickers around your page to complete it.


You have 2 hours to complete this challenge!

We look forward to seeing what you create!

Happy Creating! 


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