Meet Us Monday: Diane Lampert

Hello! My name is Diane Lampert and I am in a new Advisor Services role.

My relationship with Creative Memories started in 1996 when I signed as a Consultant. I loved it and excitedly built a team for twelve months and reached Senior Unit Leader. Then our family had a transfer to Australia in 1997, where I had the opportunity to meet hundreds more people and rebuild my business. Now, almost 20 years later I’m thrilled to be back in the U.S. and part of the new CM getting to do what I love best: helping others succeed.

It is an honor for me to work at Home Office with our amazing staff and Advisors. I welcome each new Advisor in the US and assist with the release of products to the field partnering with Advisors to promote CM through events that share new products new ways. You’ll see me at events in the US, Canada and soon we’ll be celebrating the one-year anniversary of CM in Australia! I recently started an events FB group and all Advisors are welcome!

I know we make a difference when we invite others to connect and engage in our CM community and I am passionate about capturing our best and most important stories and photos while teaching others to do the same. CM enables us to encourage and nurture others while having fun together. Inspired action can be seen everywhere at CM events!

I am confident that CM is heading in the right direction with a solid and strong foundation. No matter how you measure success CM can help find a place to belong and a way to create a powerful legacy. I am excited about the future and grateful to be a part of the important work that we all do.

Outside of CM events you’ll find me hanging out with family and friends. I’m fortunate that I live in Colorado Springs near my two kids in their 20’s and my niece and her family. We spend summers outside and golfing is a favorite family sport!


Diane with daughter, Emily!


Diane’s family!

4 thoughts on “Meet Us Monday: Diane Lampert

  1. Welcome back to CM–and to the USA, Diane! There are a lot of scrappers out there who are so excited to have our FAVORITE company up and running again! Best wishes in your new position.

  2. Heard you will be in Dayton, Ohio next week. Can we entice you to come to NW Ohio for a crop? I would gladly throw one for you in Van Wert, Ohio. We would be able to invite Advisors from Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. Please let me know what I can do to have you here!

    1. Welcome Diane! I also started with CM in the USA in 1996 but now live in Hobart, Tasmania and giving it a go for a second time. It was lovely to read your blog entry. Best of luck!

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