Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

My Mom is the centre of our family and we all love to spend time with her, whether it be a special dinner, shopping, cottage time, travel, out to dinner, a walk and or just having a cup of coffee together.  She treasures each and every one of her grandchildren as they treasure her.  Mother’s Day is a day to make her feel as special as she does with all of us.

I try to take as many photos of my children and my brother’s children with her as these will always be treasured memories.  Not just on Mother’s Day is it important to snap those photos, but all through the year.

Nanny always shows up for the first day of school and she is so fortunate that all of her grandchildren go to the same school.  What great memories for our children to know she is always there to support them!

We treasure our vacations spent with Nanny and Papa as well.

Always great to capture the playful side of Nanny!


The creative hands that make many gifts for her grandchildren.

Cottage time is the best!


Shopping trips!


The love for my Dad!

Birthday love for Nanny!

My mother’s love for me has taught me how to be a mom to my own children and for that I am so thankful for her and her unconditional love for all of us.  She is a wonderful Mom and role model for our family!


I am not always great at getting in the photos as I am usually the family photographer, but I never turn down getting in a photo with my children.  I treasure these moment as a Mom on Mother’s Day and everyday!

So on Mother’s Day I honour my Mom and all of the mother’s out there with a Mother’s Day layout.

(I used Mint To Be and Forever Yours digital kits. )


3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

  1. Beth, Your post is so special about your Mother & your close bond with her. My Mother was promoted to Heaven in 2008 but I still treasure those many times spent with her. She lived 1000 miles away but the telephone was our way of communication through the years when we couldn’t be together. Enjoy every minute you have with her. I still miss my Mother after all these years but I have so many special memories & an album filled with pictures of her & our families. Thanks.

    1. Marilyn, sorry for your loss. Our Moms are so special to us and I am thankful to live so close to my Mom and spend time with her. Thanks

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