Be the MVP with Go! Fight! Win!

So many sports featured all in one collection!  Go Fight Win is perfect with all of the sports that are played in our home!  I can use almost all of them with my three children’s activities!  I have used baseball and golf in this post to share some ideas.

2017 Pages - Page 024

Love the turf paper for golf because the grass at the golf course looks like turf because it is manicured so well!  On this page I have used the golf ball in a couple of places.  I enlarged it in one place and reduced it in another.  I also added a filter to the golf balls.

Ball 1

I added the golf ball embellishment to the page and reduced its size.  I wanted to give it a bit more dimension so I looked for a filter that could do that for me.

Ball 2

I added a 3D Filter on the embellishment and played around with the settings to get a softer round look.


I tried the same 3D filter with the golf tees as well.  The orange tee has a 3D filter added and the green is without the filter.  I added this filter to all of the tees and made a tee border on my page!

2017 Pages - Page 026

Here I used the Gym Floor paper as a background and the turf paper over that in a slightly smaller size.  A technique I use quite often is the blend cut to blend my photo to a background paper.  The turf paper is perfect with the green grass at the ball field.  It is almost difficult to tell the difference between my photo and the paper.


To make this title I used a text box and Colleged font to make the MVP and then added “Game Day” embellishment to combine with the MVP.


I didn’t need the word “DAY” so I used the straight cutting tool to erase this word.


I  resized and moved the two words together.  Now we have an element and a text box combined so the next step is to highlight them both and flatten them together.  This now allows you to resize it as one element and change the colour.

mvp 4.JPG

I changed the colour to white and added a heavy shadow.

There are so many fun embellishments in this kit and I can’t wait to play with more of them!  Go Fight Win!


6 thoughts on “Be the MVP with Go! Fight! Win!

  1. Beth, great pages. You wrote about a 3-D filter. What editing program did you use? I don’t think my PSE 15 does that kind of embellishing.

    1. HI Barb, I use Artisan by Forever. It may be called something different in each program. You can do a hard edge to give it a 3D look but in this case I softened the filter quite a bit to not have a hard edge on the embellishment. Did you try googling filters in PSE to see if they use a different term for it in that program? – Beth

  2. Beautiful techniques. What digital scrapbooking software do you use that has the features to let you do these techniques?

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