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Imagine all of the occasions, events, trips you can use the Imagine Digital Kit for in your albums.  I can think of lots of photos that are going to work perfectly with this kit.  I had to stop myself from doing more pages!

My husband has participated in Movember for a few years and we thought it would be fun for all of the boys in the family to have a mustache!



  • Add a photo, size it the size you want, copy and paste it as many times as you want.  Fill photos with the desired photos.
  • Change the color of the camera overlay to white from black so it will show up on the black background.
  • Resize the banners and rotate them.
  • Copied and pasted Movember title and changed one to white and shifted it slightly so the black would act as a shadow under the white.
  • Add a piece of firework paper, soften the edge and change the opacity.


Amusement parks are always a favorite when we are on vacation!  The bigger and faster the roller coaster the better!  The Imagine Digital Kit has all of the right embellishments for these photos!



  • Shrink the banners to fit.
  • Resize the banner and make it long, rotate and refill with paper of your choice so the aspect ratio of the design on the paper is corrected.
  • Add stitching on the photos and embellishments.
  • Make the string banner by using a photo mat, erase the white background, cut the banner you want.
  • Add star embellishments and add a 3D edge to hold banner in place.
  • Restring the banner as some of it gets erased when erasing the background.  Add a curved solid line to join the banners together.


Black and white is always striking with a pop of red!



  • For background striped paper, rotate diagonal striped paper 90 degrees so stripes are vertical.  Enlarge paper to cover background.
  • Change “Being Goofy” title to all white and add red burst embellishments.
  • Shrink, cut and repeat borders.

Have fun with the kit and I can only Imagine what beautiful pages you will design!



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