Ideas to Make a Mini Scrapbook Album

Mini scrapbook albums are a great way for showcasing school pics, memorable quotes or baby photos and they make great gifts! We’ve got some awesome, inspiring ideas for making a mini scrapbook album – check it out below!

Today, we’ve got a cute little mini album I created using the Little Lamb Baby Boy collection and some of my most favorite baby pictures of my little man who is now eight years old!

I remember the day I took him outside in the backyard to snap a few pictures of him on his blanket. The weather was absolutely perfect and he loved it! I will be honest… I might have snapped about 50 photos just so I could get the perfect shot, but I couldn’t help it. (And I wonder why he hates the camera?! Haha!)

To complete this mini album, you will need:

To begin, I cut several mats down to 3″ x 4″ and 2″ x 3″. Then, I added 3″ x 2″ photos to every other page. I matted a few of the photos before adhering them to the page. Once the photos were mounted, I added the stickers and die cuts throughout the album. I used a corner rounder to round the corners. For the journaling page, I used the 4-Way Hearts and Stars Corner and Hole Punch.


After I’d completed my mini layouts, I punched a hole in each of them and secured my “album” together with a loose leaf ring.


Now, want some ideas for your mini pages?

For this one, I mounted the photo at the bottom then tucked the stickers above the photo as shown. Love this cluster of stickers; super cute!



I cut the border sticker down to help frame the top of the photo as shown.


DSC_4643 (2)

For this mini layout, I mounted the “Hello, I’m New Here” sticker to the page using Foam Squares. Then, I adhered the cow die cut below the sentiment.


I layered the stickers together to create this fun spread then used a Foam Square and enamel heart sticker to make it more dimensional.


I totally fell in love with the llama mat and had to use it! I carefully cut it so that the llama’s head would peek above the top of the photo. Then, I added the “Cutie” sticker as well as the border sticker and enamel heart as shown.


I used a Black Dual-Tip Pen to hand-journal my letter to Edward. Then, I used the 4-Way Hearts and Stars Corner and Hole Punch the corners as shown.


Comment below and tell us what you think of this adorable mini album! Are you ready to dig through your baby photos and get those memories in albums?


13 thoughts on “Ideas to Make a Mini Scrapbook Album

  1. I love idea of mini albums. What is the best way to get standard 4×6 photos reduced to size for mini albums?

    1. Creative Memories used to sell mini paper albums that I used buy and make as gifts all the time. They were perfect for pics from a party, event, etc.

    2. If you have Memory Manager/Historian, you can choose to print off 2x3s in a sheet. There are different print options. OR with Storybook Creator/Artisan, you can resize a 4×6 into a 2×3 and then fit 2 of them on one 4×6.

  2. I am thinking this would be a great idea for my Girl Scout troop. They can each make a mini-album of our summer trip!

    1. The forest 2×3 album would be a perfect color for Girl Scouts and then they’d have their pages protected for years to come of their summer trip!

  3. Love the pages. Would put them into the mini pocket album (2×3) to keep them protected.

  4. Some of the pictures with lighter colored background are hard to make out. Could it be the photography or just the way the paper is too light?????

  5. I thought this would make a great gift for a new mom. Could you take the same idea and use 4 by 6? Not sure the new mom would have time to reformat photos to the 3×2. What do you think?

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