Weekly Sketch Round-Up Nov. 19-23

The weekend may be almost over, but the best cure for the “Sunday Scaries” is a healthy dose of inspiration — aka the Weekly Sketch Round-Up! Due to the holidays, there were only two sketches posted this week, but they’re both chock-full of inspiration, imagination and ideas! Check out these two sketches and try making them for yourself!

Sketch #1

Want to see more examples using this sketch? Check it out here!

Sketch #2

Want to create the Silver Bells layout shown above? Get instructions now!

Although it’s a shorter Weekly Sketch Round-Up than usual, there’s still plenty of inspiration to be found! Try these sketches out and post your finished product with the hashtag #CreativeMemoriesSketches so that the world can see! Which of these sketches is your favorite? Comment below!

P.S. — You can follow Creative Memories on Instagram (@CreativeMemories) and Pinterest so that you never miss a sketch!

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