Eat Cake & Create Festive Birthday Scrapbook Layouts

Gift shopping can be tough. You never really know what to get somebody, and even if you do, how do you know if they will like it? Material items come and go, but do you know what everyone always appreciates? Memories — especially the memories of a happy day spent with friends, family and loved ones. So, when it comes time to give a present for somebody’s special day, why not give them the tools to create a beautiful birthday scrapbook layout that they can then decorate with all the photos from the big day? The Happy BirthYAY collection is the perfect gift for any crafty person that’s celebrating a birthday. If they need some ideas to get started, show them how to create this fun birthday scrapbook layout!

HappyBirthYAY_Layout2_1080x1080 (3)

To create this layout, you will need:

  • Happy BirthYAY Paper Pack
  • Happy BirthYAY Embellishments
  • Happy BirthYAY Stickers
  • 12-inch Straight Trimmer
  • Tearing Tool
  • Tape Runner
  • Foam Squares

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Step 1: Use a piece of the color splattered patterned paper as your base for your layout.

Step 2: Using your 12-inch Straight Trimmer, cut the diamond patterned paper to measure 8″ x 8″. Using your Paper Tearing Tool (or you can do this free-handed), tear about a 1/2″ from the left-side of the paper and adhere rectangle centered, approximately 1/4″ from the left-side of the edge. Cut a strip from the pink patterned paper to measure 9-3/4″ x 2″. Tear about 1/4″ of the bottom using your Paper Tearing Tool or feel free to do this free-handed. Adhere strip below square patterned paper, leaving a 1/2″ space from the bottom of the base.

Step 3: Cut the pink patterned paper to measure 4-1/2″ x 6-1/4″. Use this rectangle to mat one 4″ x 6” photo and adhere it as shown on the layout.

Step 4: To complete the layout, adhere Happy Birthday Embellishments and stickers as shown, using a few Foam Squares to make the hearts to add dimension to the balloons.

Although birthday parties are full of presents, the greatest gifts are always the memories that are made throughout the day. With the Happy BirthYAY collection, you can bring these memories to life and decorate them in a way that will make them stand out no matter how many birthdays have past since the party. You’ve heard from us, and now we want to hear from you! What tips do you have for creating the perfect birthday scrapbook layout? Let us know in the comments below?

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  1. I like the use of this small scale, paint splattered paper as the background. It really allows the focus to remain on the photograph while the embellishments bring out the various colors in the photograph. Nicely done.

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