#FeatureFriday: See What Made Inspiration Bloom for the Creator of the Flourish Collection

The new Flourish collection captures the essence of the spring and summer seasons and brings them to life onto the pages of your albums! Spring is full of distinct senses: the sight of blooming flowers, the sounds of birds chirping and insects buzzing, the taste of honey and sweet treats, the smells of blossoming gardens and the feel of grass beneath your toes after a long winter. How were these senses and feelings so perfectly encapsulated? We sat down with Carrie, the designer and illustrator of Flourish, to learn more about what went into creating this collection!

Meet the Designer


For over 15 years, Carrie has worked for CM as a graphic designer, product illustrator and currently as the design manager. Throughout the years, she has honed and mastered her artistic skills, creating original works of art for scrapbooking fanatics worldwide. Other CM collections she has designed include Secret GardenBlack & White, Textiles, Archiver’s, Glacier, Mix & Match, Gather Together, Mermaid Cove, Walkabout and more.



What was your inspiration for the collection?

“Watercolors, florals and positive messaging!”


How would you describe these papers?

“The papers are inspired by nature and created in watercolor! The designs feature florals, typography and some very general patterned elements (polka dots, ornate designs) that are complementary to the floral patterns.”


What makes this collection so unique?

“A new unique feature of this collection is that the stickers are designed on a clear poly material instead of our standard white sticker stock. This makes the stickers easy to layer with no white borders around the artwork.

“Another aspect I wanted to focus on was positive affirmations. All of the typography features uplifting quotes, words or phrases to celebrate how wonderful we all are and should feel every day!”Flourish-Watercolor-Scrapbook-Stickers-Creative-Memories1


What was fun about designing this collection?

“I took a different approach to how the border stickers are designed. Instead of creating several 12-inch stickers, I designed several larger individual elements that can be used to make your own custom border! The large leaves are in a semi-circle shape so they can create a circle by layering together or you can create a 12-inch border — your choice!”


What can this collection be used for?

“Weddings, Mother’s Day, birthdays, spring/summer seasons, celebrations of life. The collection has an overall feminine feel with floral imagery and the palette being slightly subdued.”


Flourish is the perfect collection for those who want to add some floral to their life. There are so many aspects to this collection that make it unique, and we’re so glad we got to hear more about Carrie’s thought process as she created it. What do you like MOST about Flourish? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “#FeatureFriday: See What Made Inspiration Bloom for the Creator of the Flourish Collection

    1. So great that Creative Memories allows us to meet the artists of these fantastic collections. Really enjoy her style and commentary and love her watercolors. Karen Gray, Consultant

  1. Carrie – I see that you also designed the Black and White collection. Absolutely one of my favorites. I did 2 wedding albums using that collection and they turned out gorgeous!! You do a great job!!

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