Meet Melissa, Tania & Megan — How Becoming an Advisor Changed their Life

Since Creative Memories re-launched back in 2014, we’ve celebrated the fact that our Advisor Join Offer has great benefits (the joy of a hobby you love, access to exclusive products, no minimum order requirements and an idea-rich, supportive community, just to name a few)! What people don’t talk much about? The fact that your hobby can create income that can be a game-changer for your family! Have you thought about becoming an Advisor, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Well, look no further than these three amazing Advisor stories to see the impact a meaningful home-based business has made on their lives.  

Who is Melissa Hopper?

Melissa is a Creative Memories Advisor who joined the community in 2018!

Melissa Hopper with her husband, Andy, daughter, Lily (11), son, Ross (9) and dog, Mimi (3).

Name: Melissa Hopper (US)

Join Date: Sept. 23, 2018

2019 Achievement: Melissa grew her business by $11,257 and moved from Level 2 (25% earnings) to Level 4 (35% earnings).

Where is Melissa Now in 2022: Melissa continues to grow her thriving business and is now at Level 5 (40% earnings) with a team of 10 Advisors! (An example of Level 5 earnings: If an Advisor sells $100 in product, they earn $40, which is paid weekly by direct deposit to that Advisor.)

Melissa’s Story: Melissa was a part-time scrapper for 10 years while her two children were young, getting away for only one or two weekends a year. She decided to become an Advisor in 2018.

When she joined as an Advisor, she tried several different types of events to find out what potential customers were looking for. Planning to hold quarterly events, she held her first one in April 2019 at a local venue for parties. A quarterly group of 15 has grown to 40+. 

She then started a monthly crop at her church and invited five friends. Melissa charged $25 to attend, giving $10 to the church and keeping $15 per person to cover her event costs. This group of five friends has now grown to 20+ customers. It has been such a welcoming event for customers that she’s taken on holding monthly events with up to 25 attendees and quarterly events with up to 50 attendees, which is where she generates most of her sales. 

Below, you will find a chart that shows how Melissa grew her business over time by holding consistent events for her customers and sharing new products each month. In 2019, Melissa grew her business from Level 2 to Level 4, increasing her Account Balance (her 12-month total sales volume) by $11,257. In a similar way, she also shared the Creative Memories Advisor opportunity with friends and family and grew her team from one to nine – all while improving her sales at the same time.

Melissa takes advantage of marketing opportunities provided by the team at Home Office and submits her events to the CM “Find An Event” page so customers looking for events in her area can easily find her. There are many customers out there looking for Advisor events like Melissa’s!

Melissa’s CM earnings allow her to: Invest her profits back into it. “Because I consider my CM business still in growth mode, I use my earnings to purchase inventory, book event locations and purchase event supplies.”

Melissa’s tip to grow a CM business: Have fun, talk about scrapping with those you meet and always ask for contact info and permission to add them to your next event email.

Who is Tania Elliot?

Meet Tania, who has been part of the Advisor community since 2017. 

Name: Tania Elliot (CA)

Advisor Join Date: Jan. 29, 2017

2019 Achievement: Tania grew from Level 3 ($2,951+ Account Balance) to Level 4 ($8,851+ Account Balance).

Where is Tania Now in 2022: Tania continues to grow her passion for scrapbooking and her business and is close to Level 5 ($14,537 Account Balance) with a team of 5 Advisors!

Tania’s Story: Tania started scrapbooking when she was pregnant because she wanted albums for her children.

As a former on-and-off Consultant with the former Creative Memories, she loves the product and that CM is back. She re-joined as an Advisor in 2017, and at the start of 2019, decided to make CM her full-time business.

As a mom of two boys, she works on her business at least two hours a day (14 hours a week) and more when she has events. She saw growth in her business in 2019 when she decided to make it a focus and set a goal to talk to five people a day. After her family, CM is her priority, and because of her great results, she doesn’t have to get a part-time job outside of her home-based business!

Tania leads a team of two Advisors and has successfully gone from Level 3 to Level 4 in 2019, increasing her earnings on each order to 35%

What does Tania do with her CM earnings? Tania’s CM earnings allow her to save up for home renovations on her craft room, where she will then be able to hold regular crops in the house.

Tania’s Tip: “Share your passion for scrapbooking and the CM business with everyone.” Remember, Tania makes it a goal to talk to five people a day!

Who is Megan Crowley?

Meet Megan, who has been an Advisor since 2016!

Megan pictured with her team at Crop & Connect 2019.

Name: Megan Crowley (AU)

Join Date: January 2016

2019 Achievement: Megan grew her Account Balance by 34% and added four new team members.

Where is Megan now in 2022: Megan has a thriving Creative Memories business and is at Level 5 with 20 team members!

Megan’s Story: Being diagnosed with breast cancer was a turning point for Megan, who is determined to leave a legacy. She decided to become an Advisor in 2016 and quickly turned her business into a fundraising opportunity.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 at 36 years of age, Megan commenced treatment and soon found herself with time on her hands to revisit scrapbooking. After treatment, she decided to combine her passion for scrapbooking with her desire to fundraise for early breast cancer detection in young women.

Megan grew her fundraising events from humble beginnings in early 2017, to her most recent event in 2019, which resulted in over $7,500 raised and 93 people in attendance. Megan has also grown a network of friends and customers who enjoy scrapbooking and leaving a legacy for their family as much as she does.

During 2019, Megan grew her Account Balance (12-month total sales volume) by 34%! She attributes her successes to having a pacing partner and mentor to work with, as well as deciding what she wanted the Creative Memories Advisor opportunity to be for herself. Megan insists that anyone can grow their Creative Memories business just like she has by starting small, consistently setting goals, putting in the effort and chipping away at it. In time, the rewards will outweigh the effort.

Megan’s CM earnings allow her to: Continue on her fundraising journey. “My ultimate goal is to continue to raise awareness for early detection of breast cancer and to raise a total of $50,000 in donations.”

Megan’s tip to grow a CM business: “A pacing partner/mentor has been instrumental for my success. I highly recommend finding someone who can work with you and keep you on track!”

Is this for me?

Would you enjoy having a hobby that makes you feel great, preserves your family memories and helps pay the bills? Did you read the stories and think… could this be me?  

If you said yes to any of those questions, then it’s time to become a Creative Memories Advisor! It’s so easy to join our community — there are no monthly order minimums or hidden costs — just a small sign-up fee, then enjoy an account credit to use on your first order. From there, you can grow at whatever pace you’d like!

Once you become an Advisor, you’ll earn 10%-40% back on all your personal and customer orders. When you invite others to join you, you’ll earn 2-8% on their sales! You’ll also get early notice about products, access to our exclusive Advisor Facebook Group, Advisor-only products (like the album cover below!), special Advisor-only promos and more.

It’s the simplest plan out there – the more you share CM, the more you can earn. Now that’s a win-win-WIN!

*U.S. earnings plan shown.

Visit the Join page to learn more about becoming an Advisor, or talk to your current CM Advisor, who would love to chat with you! US | CA | AU

13 thoughts on “Meet Melissa, Tania & Megan — How Becoming an Advisor Changed their Life

  1. I enjoyed reading this story of women who are successfully running an Advisor business with CM. Growing a business takes consistency and these ladies show that we can be successful, (profitable) helping people preserve their memories.

  2. Being a Creative Memories Advisor provides a whole new level of support. Whether wanting to build a business or a social group to do crafts with, being an advisor is being a center contact to join others together. I have a small group but friendship bonds are growing which means we can learn from each other and lean on each other. As well as local support there is the support of the home office and the other advisers. I appreciate all my scrapbooking friends! Blessings for all!

  3. I was so excited reading about Melissa, Tania and Megan. Reminds me of my ‘spunk’ and determination oh so many years ago. Keep it up ladies! Don’t let this important mission to ensure the next generation will know those of us who helped form them, even indirectly!

  4. Can’t imagine my life without my Creative Memories business and the relationships it has brought me. The new CM makes it all so much easier and gives lots of great training and marketing support!

  5. I became an Advisor to help people get their photos into their albums. It doesn’t have to be fancy or decorative. Just make sure they journal them. Creative Memories has the best products for that. I also like the discount I get so I can get MY albums done.

  6. Creative Memories has become such a integral part of my life. I love photos! It has always been so with me. And there is nothing like telling your story with them. Though I always wished I would have journaled more, Creative Memories is a vehicle that God has used in my life to comfort me — I get to insert my photos with embellishments in photo safe albums, and I get to journal at the same time! It is a win-win situation! As an advisor, I have the joy and privilege of helping others do the same. How blessed I am!

  7. Being a Creative Memories Advisor is such a blessing to me, too. The joy I see when I help someone create and finish an album is heart warming! Making lifelong friends and having wonderful support from our Home Office is priceless! And who doesn’t appreciate extra money doing something you love? Rock on CM!

  8. I was a consultant for many years about 12 years ago. How much does it cost to join as a consultant nowadays?

  9. I just want to order an album! No local consultant that I can find near me. How can I order one?

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