Get the 411 on Virtual Card Crops!

Are you looking for a new opportunity to get inspired and create some crafty cards? Then get ready, because we’re about to host our first-ever Virtual CARD Crop! And the really great news? We’ll be holding them every Wednesday in April so you can keep coming back for more fun. Want to learn the ins and outs on what it’s all about? Read on for the information you’ll need on this exciting new cardmaking challenge!

What Is a Virtual Card Crop?

It’s going to be a wonderful afternoon of cardmaking and creativity, plus the opportunity to win prizes! We will post one (1) card sketch challenge every Wednesday at 1pm CT in April on our Facebook page, (and Thursday in Australia, at 1pm AEDT on the Australian Facebook page) as well as here on the CM blog to stir up your creativity! You create your version of the card and post a picture of it on our Event page for a chance to win. Submissions for the challenge must be submitted by 11:59pm CT (or 11:59pm AEDT) that same day.

What Supplies Should I Prep?

Supplies we recommend having on-hand include an assortment of designer papers, cardstock, a Blank Card Kit, mats, stickers, embellishments, a personal or 12-inch Trimmer and Tape Runner.

What Are Examples of “Challenges”?

We will post a card sketch like the one above, and then it’s off to the races — you get to create it! Post a photo of your version of the challenge on the Event Page and you’ll have a chance to win a prize! If you’re located in Australia, you’ll want to post a photo of your challenge submission on the Australian Event page for a chance to win a prize.
(Note: Although we are currently not able to ship prizes due to Minnesota’s stay at home order (view details), winners will be announced the day after the event and prizes will be shipped after the stay at home order is lifted.)

How Do I “Read” a Card Sketch?

Look for guidelines of where to place certain aspects of the card — but remember, it’s your card, so it’s totally your call! Check out more on how to read a sketch here.

The following gives examples of what each shape on a sketch could represent — but remember, it’s up to YOU!

  • Dark rectangle or square boxes: Photos or mats
  • Rectangle or square boxes: Papers or mats
  • Long rectangles or circles: Die-cut border embellishments, border stickers, BMC or border punch borders
  • Other shapes: Embellishments or stickers
  • Title: Large writing, large sticker with words or ABC Stickers
  • Journal or lines: Place for writing
  • Corresponding shades: Can suggest using the same designer paper, cardstock or mats

What Are Examples of Prizes and How Are They Awarded?

Prizes are Creative Memories card kits*! We award the prizes randomly, but we make sure that all the challenge requirements have been met first (i.e., that the sketch was followed and that it uses predominantly CM products).

*Note prizes in Australia are Theme Packs.

How Do I Participate?

Follow the simple instructions below:

  1. RSVP by visiting the Facebook Event Page and clicking on the date of the Virtual Card Crop you’ll be participating in. Then click “Going.” Or in Australia – RSVP to this Facebook Event page.
  2. At start time, log in to the Facebook Event Page or here for Australia.) There will be a link for a challenge in the Facebook Event “Discussion” tab.
  3. Click the link for the challenge, which will take you here — to our blog (HINT: If you’ve subscribed to the blog already, the challenges will be emailed to you directly as all other blog posts are and you can skip this step.). The challenge instructions will be posted here on the blog.
  4. Complete the challenge.
  5. Take a picture of your completed challenge and post it on the Virtual Card Crop event you are participating in via our Facebook Event Page (or in Australia, this Facebook Event page). Note: When submitting your challenge, be sure to create your own post and don’t “comment” on someone else’s to ensure we see your entry. Continue to refresh the Event Page to see projects submitted by others.
  6. Admire everyone’s finished masterpieces, and hopefully you win a prize!
  7. In North America, post your challenge to the Facebook page by 11:59pm CT on Wednesday to be eligible for prizes! In Australia, post your challenge submission to the Facebook page by 11:59pm AEDT on Thursday to be eligible for prizes.

We are hoping this card challenge will encourage all our followers to share a random act of kindness. Whether that means sending a card to a loved one you can’t currently see or sending a note to your local clinics, grocery stores, trucking companies, mail carriers, etc., let’s come together to spread a little kindness with our cards! Will you be joining us? Let us know in the comments below!

18 thoughts on “Get the 411 on Virtual Card Crops!

  1. Great timing! I was just looking at my hand-made card stash yesterday and noticed it is quite depleted. Thanks CM, I love the opportunity to try new designs using the sketches.

  2. I know I can sign up to participate in the Virtual Card Crop on this Blog, since I will not use Facebook. But what is our Option, I cannot ask a Friend to post my finished card on Facebook because I refuse to use that horrible Social Media, to post my Finished Card? Also, we are suppose to be using Social Distancing Protocols so everything must be done from Home.

    1. Thank you for the question, Kathleen. At this time there is not another platform that works as well as Facebook for submitting completed projects. We would suggest asking your Advisor to post your creations on your behalf… you could email her images as you complete them.

      1. I do not have a Creative Memories Advisor! So in essence, you are offering a Virtual Card Contest (only to those who want to use Facebook or who have access to Facebook). So what about the rest of us who want to participate? Why can’t we take a picture of our Card and E-Mail in to Creative Memories? We all have access to E-Mail and the Internet!

      1. I really don’t need a CM Adviser right now and I know how to search for one. I like to order directly from the CM Website and not be bothered by a CM Adviser. So kindly stop sending me a Reply, since I did not pose my question to you (Cynthia Dooley).

  3. For those of us just getting into creative memories but have not had the time or money yet to acquire many items, will we have as equal chance of winning if it’s judge on using CM products? Seems unfortunately if not as it would help us to improve technique and allow for more creative options. Promoting those who dont have much to earn a chance at these prizes would further increase their interest in your products. Just a thought 🙂

    1. Hi Kenysha! You don’t have to have new Creative Memories products to win but we are requiring CM products to be used to win.

      However you can still participate! Many people join and post photos just for crafting inspiration and a way to connect with hundreds of other people that share a passion for scrapbooking.

    1. Hi Cynthia! The blank card kit is just a suggestion. You can also use any color cardstock you have on hand and cut it down to the size of a card. If you want it to be the same size as our card base you will want to cut your paper at 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 and fold in the middle!

  4. Is it OK to take part in the card making just for experience and NOT send in our finished product?

  5. I have run out of all my creative Memories paper but am still going to do the crop and just have fun even though I will not win anything it is getting me to use all my old papers from who knows where I got them and giving me something to do so thanks

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