Get the 411 on Virtual Crops: Digital Edition!

What supplies should you bring to a Virtual Crop: Digital Edition? What prizes can you win? Oh yeah, and what is a Virtual Crop: Digital Edition and how do you participate? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together the 411 on our Digital Virtual Crops so you’ll be prepared for when the festivities begin!

Join the Virtual Crop Facebook Group!

  • Learn how to create digital scrapbook products on the Creative Memories website.
  • Enjoy elevated support from our team as we’re available to answer your questions. Digital first-timers, this is a great event for you!
  • Scrapbook traditionally? You can still join and do the sketches but you will not be eligible for prizes. But, we encourage you to try out something new, too!

During the event, you can work at your pace! However, we have a recommended schedule below to pace yourself and complete all 5 challenges to maximize your chances to win a prize!

  • Challenge #1: 9am CT Friday (12am AET Saturday)
  • Challenge #2: 11am CT Friday (2am AET Saturday)
  • Challenge #3: 1pm CT Friday (4am AET Saturday)
  • Challenge #4: 9am CT Saturday (12am AET Sunday)
  • Challenge #5: 11am CT Saturday (2am AET Saturday)

What Is A Virtual Crop: Digital Edition?

A Virtual Crop: Digital Edition is an online scrapbooking event where we give participants “challenges” to complete Custom Products, which are digitally created scrapbook products such as Custom Album Covers and Custom Refill Pages. At the Digital Virtual Crop, you will learn how to create Custom Album Covers and Custom Refill Pages on the Creative Memories website. If you are a digital scrapbooker who uses another program to design your pages, then that works, too! When you complete the challenges and share them with us on the Virtual Crop Facebook Group, you will be eligible to win prizes!

What Will I Do?:

  1. Create the sketch challenge on the Creative Memories website or in your own digital scrapbooking software.
  2. Take a screenshot of your completed digital challenge.
  3. Post that screenshot to the Virtual Crop Facebook Group on the “Discussion” tab. Tag your post with #CMDigitalVCSept1, #CMDigitalVCSept2, etc., to indicate which challenge you are completing!


Watch this three-minute overview to learn how to participate:

What Supplies Should I Prep?

You will want to ensure that you have joined the Virtual Crop Facebook Group. Then, we recommend that you organize and upload your photos prior to the event so you can get right into the sketch challenges! Find out how to upload photos here.

If you want to get an overview of Custom Product creation and how it works, check out these videos below!

*Please note: Custom Wall Calendars are available only in the U.S. and Canada from September-January.

How Do I “Read” A Sketch?


Look for guidelines of where to place photos in a specific overall layout. Refer to the example above of a sketch and the finished layout. Check out more on how to read a sketch here.

The following gives examples of what each shape on a sketch layout could represent but remember — it’s up to YOU!

  • Dark rectangle or square boxes: Photos
  • Rectangle or square boxes: Digital papers or mats
  • Long rectangles or circles: Digital border elements (i.e., the digital version of die-cut border embellishments, border stickers, BMCs or border punches)
  • Other shapes: Digital elements (i.e., the digital version of embellishments or stickers)
  • Title: Large writing
  • Journal or lines: Places for writing and journaling
  • Corresponding shades: Can suggest using the same digital paper or digital mats (i.e., the digital version of designer papers, mats, etc.)

What Are The Prizes and How Are They Awarded?

Each challenge will have a winner and each winner will earn a COUPON to print your Custom Album Cover OR Custom Refill Pages OR a Complete Custom Album for FREE— it will be your choice from these three options! We award one (1) prize for each challenge randomly, but we make sure that all the challenge requirements have been met first (i.e., that the sketch was followed and it uses CM products).

How does your Digital creation become a finished product? Check out how our Custom Products are made in the video below!

How Do I Participate?

  1. Join the Virtual Crop Facebook Group prior to the event.
  2. At start time, go to the Facebook Group. There will be a link for the challenges in the “Discussion” tab.
  3. Click the link for the challenges, which will take you here — to our blog. (HINT: If you’ve subscribed to the blog already, the challenges will be emailed to you directly as all other blog posts are and you can skip this step.) The challenge instructions will be posted here on the blog.
  4. Complete the challenge.
  5. Take a screenshot (tips above) of your completed challenge and post it on the Virtual Crop Facebook Group. Tag your post with #CMDigitalVCSept1, #CMDigitalVCSept2, etc., to indicate which challenge you are completing! Note: When submitting your challenge, be sure to create your own post and don’t “comment” on someone else’s to ensure we see your entry. Continue to refresh the page to see projects submitted by others.
  6. Admire everyone’s finished masterpieces, and hopefully you win a prize!
  7. Post your challenge to the Facebook page by 11:59pm CT on Sunday to be eligible to win a prize! Prizes will be awarded by the following Wednesday.

We look forward to “virtually” seeing everyone at our next Virtual Crop: Digital Edition! If you’ve created a Custom Product with us in the past, what is the BEST advice you’d give to someone who was trying it for the first time? Comment below and let us know!

26 thoughts on “Get the 411 on Virtual Crops: Digital Edition!

  1. I am interested but cannot attend the whole time. Is there someone to answer any questions I may have questions on how to do the digital scrapbooking? Will you have another one? Thanks so much

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    1. Hello! Yes, we do have chat support in our designer on the Creative Memories website Monday through Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm CT. You can also contact us any time at You also will not have to attend the entire time. We will post all of the challenges at once so you can also work on them at your own pace and ask us questions when you are available during the event!

  2. Wow, that seems very rude and odd that you have to be a digital SBer in order to totally participate. I would think that as a company that started out traditionally that you would be happy to still have traditional longtime scrapbookers such as myself. Who by the way has supported your company for years. I will not be participating at all.

    1. Hi Laura – I’m sorry that you feel this way! We do state above: “Scrapbook traditionally? You can still join and do the sketches but you will not be eligible for prizes. But, we encourage you to try out something new, too!” The prizes are coupons to print your custom products for free. We hope that you join and are inspired by the sketches as well!

      1. I appreciate that their is something for the digital scrappers. Its hard for us to compete with traditional scrapbookers on these challenges THANKS

  3. Do I have to purchase software in order to participate in this digital challenge. I still do traditional scrapbooking as I have lots of printed pictures and scrapbooking supplied. I also have not printed new pictures for about 10 years now so am interested in digital scrapbooking for those photos. Thanks.

    1. Hi Amanda – there is no software to purchase! You can create custom products directly on the Creative Memories website. Check out the short overview video above. Then, on Friday, we will share more tutorials on exactly how to create each challenge on the Creative Memories website. We look forward to seeing you this weekend at the Virtual Crop – Digital Edition!

  4. Do the digital pages I submit for need to only be creative memory digit products? I use a mix of both.

  5. So glad to finally see a digital virtual crop. I’m all digital and thought you guys forgot about us. Thank you for doing this!!!! Love this company!

  6. Thank you CM! I just wanted to say that I LOVE the Virtual Crops you provide! I have done both traditional and digital virtual crops in the past and this last weekend I did the traditional crop using CM’s digital designer!! Love what you are doing with it all!!

  7. I have not been able to download the free digital kit that came with signing up for the Digital Virtual Cro

    1. Hi Loretta, It appears you’ve not received a response so I was hoping to possibly help. :) I believe the blog is just a “guide” for how to participate so each time I participate I just adjust the hash tag to apply to the appropriate challenge number and date. Here’s hoping you join the group this next weekend for March! :)

    1. Hi Maryanne. I noticed you had not yet received an response to your query above and thought I would try to help. I am not really a Facebook user myself, but I keep it active to participate in the virtual crops. I don’t post anything personally or respond to anything or even look at the personal side of things for my own reasons. I sign-on and go directly to the Virtual Crop FB page and submit my copies for the virtual crops, look at other submissions and “like” a number of submissions each time I submit my own. Perhaps that would be a helpful way for you to participate, but not ‘use’ FB. I hope you decide to join in and participate! Good luck! Jackie :)

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