Scariest Things for Scrapbookers: Part 3

Happy Halloween! The last day of October marks the occasion when we take time to celebrate all the things spooky-scary and creepy-crawly. But, as we all know, scrapbookers have a different set of fears that non-crafters just don’t quite understand. The past two years, we’ve listed some of the scariest things for scrapbookers (read Part 1 and Part Boo! here), and now we hope you’re feeling brave, because it’s time for Part 3!

WARNING: If you are a scrapbooker who gets scared, it’s recommended you read this one with the lights on…

How great of an invention are smartphones? Not only can we make long-distance calls and send quick texts with cutesy emojis, but we can also surf the web, make purchases and (most importantly to scrapbookers!) take photos. The technology in smartphones these days is incredible — you’re basically carrying a high-definition camera in your pocket at all times! With one simply tap, your phone can capture all of life’s little moments, no matter where you are and when they happen.

The camera roll on your phone is likely filled with all sorts of wonderful memories and it’s so easy to spend hours scrolling through these good times. But, what if something were to happen to your phone? (Gasp!) You could lose years worth of photos and memories in an instant. For any memory preserver, the thought of that could send chills down your spine.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to this spooky scenario. With our Photo Prints, you can quickly and easily get those photos off your phone and into a physical format — perfect for preservation in an album.

Odds are nothing bad will happen to the photos in your phone… but is that a risk you are willing to take?

There’s nothing like being in the “zone” when you’re creating. The rest of the world just seems to zip by as you focus only on the task at hand. Paper scraps are soaring, Tape Runners are running and stickers are being slapped onto pages — this is what scrapbooking is all about.

In fact, it’s almost as if things are going too good… which makes you think: “Where are the photos I’m planning on using for this project?” You look around your crafting table, shelves and storage bins, but you can’t find them anywhere, which seems oddly suspicious because it felt like you just saw them. You move some papers around, check under your chair, lift up your 12-inch Trimmer…

…and that’s when you see your 12-inch Trimmer has some papers sticking out of it. In fact, you were mid-cut when you started to look for your precious photos. Suddenly, your heart drops — you know where your photos went off to. They were stuck underneath the designer paper you just cut and they were swiftly sliced in the process.

When one gets immersed in the creative zone, it can be easy to get a bit carried away. This can be a dangerous thing to have happen when one wields the seamless cutting power of the 12-inch Trimmer. Sometimes, if you aren’t careful, you can end up cutting something inaccurately, which can throw off an entire project. So be warned, scrapbookers — cut with caution.

Picture this — you’re waking up on a beautiful Saturday morning. Like most mornings when you awaken, you have scrapbooking on your mind. Eager to get started, you throw on your fuzzy slippers and make your way to your craft room. On your way there, you walk past a sink filled with dirty dishes. Knowing you won’t be able to focus on your crafts with this chore on the back of your mind, you duck into the kitchen to just take care of it. (Way to be responsible!)

However, once you’re in the kitchen, you also notice your floors are a little grimy. So again, being the responsible adult that you are, you grab a broom and do some sweeping. This, of course, makes you wonder when was the last time you actually cleaned your refrigerator. You grab some disinfecting wipes and open up the container to start scrubbing when you see it’s almost barren! Well, now you’ve got to go to the store to replenish your stock (and probably pick up a few groceries while you’re at it). The slippers come off and the sneakers come on — you’re off to the store. Also, weren’t you supposed to meet up with someone for that one thing?

One thing leads to another, and just like that, it’s bedtime, and you haven’t even stopped in to your craft room at all. It’s scary how quickly a day with no plans can turn into a marathon of chores and adulting duties. The “real world” is often a main detractor from scrapbooking, and if you aren’t careful, these responsibilities can keep you from scrapbooking for days or weeks at a time! The only way to combat this harrowing horror? Schedule some time each and every day to spend crafting or doing something that makes your heart pitter-patter with joy.

Otherwise, the responsibilities win.

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Whew — it’s okay, it’s all over now. We hope we didn’t scare you too much with this list! Are there any photo-related phobias of yours that we left off the list? Let us know in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Scariest Things for Scrapbookers: Part 3

  1. Another fear – if I start with my favorite paper set, will I have enough of it to finish my layout(s)? Or will I run out…

  2. Scarey?
    How about investing hundreds of dollars in scrapbooking programs to organize and scrap on the computer and now…insert scarey music…the programs are worthless and your photos are locked in limbo.
    Thanks for the lack of memories creative memories. Yeah, it’s been years and I’m still mad.

    1. Michelle Nelson, the scrapbook software is obsolete after many years. However, if you are interestested in the software that you can use all of your digital decoratives, both the vintage ones and the new CM ones, you can get the FOREVER software program, Artisan (replaced Storybook) and Historian (replaced Memory Manager. Yes, it is a different company, but it has been an half dozen years too. The old CM has been gone that long. If you have questions, PM me on FB, I will assist you!

    2. Michelle Nelson: your CM art kits are still useable. You just need to upgrade your software. Be sure to save all your activation codes and upgrade to Artisan 5 with Forever (actually, version 6 will be coming out soon). Buy Artisan 5 and then you can upgrade easily when 6 launches. I’d be happy to help you. Do this today and you can score a $20 coupon for a future purchase.

  3. “Scariest Things For Scrapbookers” was such a FUN post – past and present! I could relate to so many of them. Kudos to the creator!

  4. The Halloween article is so true! I do need to set a littke time to scrapbook every day. Thank you

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