CMTV’s 2020 Year-End Review Show

Where has the year gone? 2020 was definitely an interesting one, but one of the best and brightest things to come out of the year was the birth of CMTV in March! CMTV has quickly become one of our most popular channels of inspiration and innovation, as scrapbookers and crafters across the globe have gotten hooked in on (and perhaps binge-watched!) the engaging episodes. There are plenty of CMTV episodes to go through, but today, we’re showcasing the best of the best. Get your popcorn ready, because it’s time for the CMTV 2020 Year-End Review Show!

Need a quick recap of what’s been on CMTV this year? Check out our CMTV YouTube Playlist — it features all the videos that made it to CMTV this year in a quick, digestible format!

And now, the cream of the creative crop!

Best Project to Make During a Commercial Break

The hustle and bustle of life is a real thing. And if you find yourself pressed for time, we have the perfect five-minute solution for you! This video shows you how to make a scrapbook layout in less time than it takes to make breakfast — quick AND easy!

Best Use of the Border Punch

Did you know you can think outside of the box when it comes to making borders? It’s true! Watch for yourself in this video to see some creative ways add new appeal to your layouts!

The Video that will Save Your Craft Room

Sometimes, the craft room can get a little (or a lot!) messy. This video is a must-watch for those interested in whipping their paper supply into streamlined shape. (Hello, Power® Project Folders!) CA | AU

Best Variation Video

Folding clothes may not be the most fun thing, but creating fold-over pages are a true blast! Go for the fold and check out this video for an innovative variation!

The Most Triangularly Terrific Video

Triangles — just three sides and three angles, but makes for endless opportunities for amazing layout designs! Point yourself to checking out this video to see for yourself!

Most Unique Border Project

If unique is what you want, unique is what you’ll get with this braided border idea! Watch this CMTV episode and weave in extra wonder today!

Which one of these videos do you like the most? What was your most beloved video on CMTV this year? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to continue to check out CMTV for inspiration in 2021 and beyond!

6 thoughts on “CMTV’s 2020 Year-End Review Show

  1. Creative Memories makes it convenient and easy to use our products with these splendid You Tube videos. I love that “real” demonstrators are our teachers. Well done CMTV.

    1. i wanted say thank u to person who ans my request to put up closed caption it so much better understanding.

  2. Thanks for reminding me of these techniques! I’m sure I saw them once before but hadn’t had a chance to use them. I will be using them soon!

  3. Enjoyed watching all of them and will do them all. Organizing the paper was my favorite
    one. I have tons to organize. Thank you!!!

  4. Save your Craft Room was my favourite video. The power project folders may be the answer to my prayers! I can hardly wait for mine to arrive. Fay

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