Worldwide Virtual Crop 2021: Challenge #1

Hello, scrappers, and welcome to the September 2021 Worldwide Virtual Crop! Who is ready for three days of crop-tastic sketches and the chance to win an exclusive album cover? (Hint: The cover is pretty unbe-leaf-able!) Well, enough talk, so let’s get to it — here is Challenge #1 to kick off this global get-together!

Creative Memories Advisors from around the world have created layouts for YOU! Every 4 hours, you will receive a new sketch to create. Review all posting times here.

First, a few things to note:

  • If it’s your first time participating in a Virtual Crop and you’d like a quick walk-through of what to expect before we get started, you can get all the details about Virtual Crops here. Read this post in Japanese ⇒ 日本語はこちらです
  • THIS IS A FREE EVENT. If you see anything asking you to enter credit card information, it is NOT LEGITIMATE.
  • You can participate using traditional scrapbooking products, Digital Artwork and/or Custom Themes from the Creative Memories website. For instructions on participating digitally, please see the bottom of this post.

Japanese Translation: このイベント内で、クレジットカード情報を取得しようとするスパムコメントが投稿されています。本イベントは無料ですので、クレジットカード番号を聞かれても決して入力しないでください。

The Prize for All 12 Challenges

The prize for all 12 challenges of the Worldwide Virtual Crop will be the exclusive 12×12 Tuscan Teal Leaves Album Cover! Prizes will be awarded to two (2) participants in each challenge. We will award the prizes randomly, but to win, it must be evident that you have used the sketch we provided as inspiration to create a project using predominantly Creative Memories products. Prize winners will be announced on Thursday, Sept. 16, at 3pm CT.

Now, let the fun begin!

Flag_UnitedStates Worldwide Virtual Crop Challenge #1: 

  1. If you haven’t already done so, join the Creative Memories Virtual Crop Facebook Group! You can find instructions on how to join hereNote: This is a Facebook Group and not a Facebook Event. Therefore, you only need to join once, so if you’ve already joined, you’re all set!
  2. During the crop, log in to the Creative Memories Virtual Crop Facebook Group and click on the “Discussion” tab to view the pinned post for the most current challenge. The challenge number will be posted on the sketch.
  3. Click the link for the challenge, which will take you here — our blog. (HINT: If you’ve subscribed to the blog already, the challenges will be emailed to you directly as all other blog posts are and you can skip this step.) The challenge instructions will be posted here on the blog. OR click on “Media” > “Albums” in the Facebook Group to view the sketches there. To see past challenges you may have missed, click on “Announcements” in the Facebook Group.
  4. Create a layout following the sketch below.
  5. Take a photo of your completed project.
  6. Post the photo of your completed page or spread in the Creative Memories Virtual Crop Group AND add the correct hashtag with your post: #SeptWWVC1, #SeptWWVC2, #SeptWWVC3, etc., to the caption/comments. You will add the hashtag that matches the challenge you are submitting. Feel free to use other hashtags as well, such as #WWVC2021 or #CreativeMemories, but BE SURE to include #SeptWWVC1, #SeptWWVC2, etc., so we can find your post. For Instagram users, you will need to add #SeptWWVC1, #SeptWWVC2, etc., so your post can be found. Note: When submitting your challenge, be sure to create your own post and don’t “comment” on someone else’s to ensure we see your entry.
  7. You have the entire event to submit all 12 challenges (some will post while you are sleeping) but all submissions must be received by Sept. 12 at 11:59pm CT. View challenge times in your time zone here. Keep refreshing the Virtual Crop Facebook Group to see others’ masterpieces!

TUTORIAL: Check out a fun twist on this sketch by using the 12-inch Decorative Trimmer to create a square frame with CM Advisor Meggan Jacks.

Meggan Jacks lives just north of Seattle, Wash., with her husband and three children. She joined Creative Memories in 2017 and discovered in 2020 that she loves teaching virtual scrapbooking classes and sharing tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Creative Memories tools. 

Now, let the fun begin! (2)
Created by Meggan Jacks – Creative Memories Advisor, United States

Collection Used: It’s Fall, Y’all

When Ellen Evanoff started with Creative Memories, she just wanted to continue a lifelong love of scrapbooking but fell in love with the products. She started scrapping with a few besties around the dining room table with a bottle of wine, and the products sold themselves. After 22 years, she loves Creative Memories even more and achieves goals she never expected.

Created by Ellen Evanoff – Creative Memories Advisor, United States

Collection Used: Art Nouveau

Want to Try Out the Virtual Crop Digitally?

Check out our demo of how to create your sketch using Custom Refill Pages, Custom Albums, Custom Album Covers or Custom Wall Calendars. When you complete the sketch, instead of snapping a photo of your layout, take a screenshot and submit it to the Virtual Crop Facebook Group. 

Thanks for joining us! When posting your projects on social media, use #SeptWWVC1, #SeptWWVC2, etc., and #CreativeMemories to share your excitement! Happy Worldwide Virtual Crop!


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