Celebrate End-of-Year Academic Cheer: 4 Graduation Scrapbook Projects

After years of classes, late-night study sessions and countless memories with dear friends, it’s time at last to don the academic regalia and receive your diploma! (You did it!) And once the square caps have landed after flying through the air and proud family members have dabbed away happy tears with their stock of Kleenex, it’s time for a graduation party in your craft room to commemorate the occasion! Capture this big milestone (whether it’s your own of a recent grad’s achievement!) with these graduation scrapbook projects!

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This Birthday Scrapbook Layout Serves Up Sweetness

When talking about birthdays, it’s hard to not bring up (or light up or slice up!) a totally delicious and sugary treat — the cake. While some of us prefer the classic chocolate or vanilla offerings, others may find tastes such as mocha, lemon, salted caramel, carrot, funfetti (and more!), irresistible. No matter your top-notch choice, the Party Time! collection will always be a sweet addition to your albums. How so? See for yourself down below as the Party Time! Variety Mat Pack has been served up as a delightful layered cake upon this birthday scrapbook layout.

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Have a Stylish Soirée With This Birthday Scrapbook Layout

Fun has no age limit — and that includes birthday parties! Every birthday is a milestone, whether large or small, and Party Time! Blue Paper Pack is surely a welcomed guest for your albums with its snazzy, stylish sophistication of dusty blue, periwinkle, white and navy. Ready to RSVP to a stunning birthday scrapbook layout idea fit for young and old? Unwrap the magic below and start plotting your own soirées today!

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Bring On New Beginnings with this Graduation Scrapbook Layout

Graduation day is such a special moment. It signifies the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice, while also opening the door to an endless amount of exciting new possibilities. The day itself represents the ending of one chapter and the beginning of many to come. The Graduation Day Theme Pack takes all the glitz of this milestone moment and packages it in a way that will make your layouts as special as the memory. Check out how this theme pack accentuates this graduation scrapbook layout!

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Toast to the Good Times with this Celebration Scrapbook Layout

Uncork the midnight magic with the Cheers Theme Pack! Inspired by glitzy downtown parties with champagne and trying to stick to resolutions made, this kit adds fizzy fun to so many projects! Whether you’re saying, “Cheers” to New Year’s, an anniversary or other milestone moments, this celebration scrapbook layout is perfect for your party projects!

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Make an Egg-cellent Easter Scrapbook Layout!

We’re so egg-cited, we just can’t hide it – Easter is right around the corner! The pretty pastel shades, the bright and vivid dyed eggs, the joy in the air and the (sometimes) sunny weather makes this a great weekend for everyone who enjoys snapping pictures. You’ll likely be taking plenty of photos during Easter weekend, but what will you do with said photos? Don’t worry, be HOPPY because Kelly from Creative Memories Australia has come up with a fun Easter scrapbook layout that somebunny will love to look at in their album for years to come! Check it out in today’s post! (Oh, and if you’re thinking “For peeps’ sake – enough with the Easter puns already!” don’t worry, that’s all yolks. Seriously, that’s the last one!)

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Imagine Then & Now Family Fun Book


Imagine. Love. Dreams. Wish. Family. Moments.

The words in the Imagine Laser Cut Embellishments speak to me. They make me want to gather my family close and reminisce over photos and memories, old and new.

Poring over a bunch of old, seemingly random photos the other day got me thinking about how connected everything in my life really is. The circle of life and all that. How fun would it be to create a little coffee table book, connecting the old with the new, Then and Now? What if I could pull it out when the family is gathered and journal memories in it as the photos are talked about and stories are remembered?

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Birthday Traditions

Hello creators! I am back with a birthday layout I created using the Sugarplum Designer Paper Pack, Designer Stickers, Variety Mat Pack, and Embellishments. Every year, no matter how old I get, my mommy makes me a birthday cake. Sometimes, we don’t get to celebrate my birthday with the family until the end of September, but that’s OK! I don’t know many people who would decline two birthday celebrations in one year. Do you? :)

Since Edward was a year old, he’s been helping me blow my birthday candles out. Mom has taken a picture of the two of us blowing out my birthday candles together for the past 7 years. I love this tradition… This year, Edward was really excited because he helped make the cake and he requested Oreos and pink sprinkles to decorate the cake with exactly 39 miniature Oreos.

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Fall in love with Origami Hearts

I was playing around with the Mix & Match Cranberry Paper line again!  I am a huge fan!

I have made origami hearts before scrapbooking but I knew I had to try to incorporate them in a layout.  My love of different is apparent in my layouts.


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Doodling on Your Scrapbooking Layouts

Hello everybody! Today, I am sharing a layout using the Royal Blue and Cranberry Mix & Match Designer Paper and Flower Embellishments. I know that the 4th of July has come and gone, but I love this photo too much to not scrap it.

The morning of the 4th of July, Edward and I arrived to my sister Jamie’s house to help her set up since she was hosting the 4th of July party. Naturally, she and I took a selfie as we poured ourselves a glass of Mimosa.

My sister texts Jamie after she see’s the selfie and was like, “what is she wearing!” (that would be me). We bought the same shirt at Target to wear and it totally wasn’t planned. She showed up an hour later with a different version of my shirt. Well, our shirt. LOL, she took a pair of scissors to make herself a v-neck and trimmed the edges of her sleeves. I am not sure why she just didn’t cut the shirt in half across the middle while she was at it, but we had a good laugh!

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