DIY Strips and Triangles… Shortcuts 2.0 and beyond!

Creative Memories ShortcutsIf the term “strips and triangles” triggers something in you and makes you giddy, this blog post is for you. And even if it doesn’t, you’re in for a treat.

When these simple little doodads were created, packaged and sold by the previous CM company, they were incredibly popular. They were a quick and easy way to add pops of color to pages, and as great little starters for fun page borders, corners and embellishments.

Recently, we’ve had many requests to bring them back and while we always strive to fulfill as many wishes as we can, we aren’t introducing them into our current product line. However, CM Advisor Stefani Jones has put together this brilliant blog post on her blog Crop With Stef, with complete instructions and inspiration for creating and using them in a very modern way. She’s even shown how to use them on page layouts as well as how to confidently think outside the box with creating fall-themed page layouts starting with predesigned Sunshine Getaway Fast2Fab Refill Pages:

Creative Memories Page Layout

Use Stef’s diagrams to create your own strips and triangles in any color or pattern, and then use them to kickstart your journey to lots of completed pages. Visit Stef’s Blog to read her full post.

Thanks so much, Stef, for such great inspiration!

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