Birthday Bash Week Project Idea 2: Fall Page Layouts you’ll love!

Creative Memories Fall Layout

Creative Memories Golden TicketHappy Tuesday, and day #2 in our Birthday Bash week loaded with goodies! Today’s Golden Ticket Prize Package features more items from the Fall In product line, along with some beautifully coordinating bookcloth Album Covers plus white pages and protectors and Multi-Pocket Pages. Have a peek at this great stuff you could win simply by placing an order today! Oh, and don’t forget – free shipping on all orders over $75, plus we’ll throw in a free set of Days of Fall Title Stickers, too!

Tuesday Golden Ticket Prize Package

You’ll receive not one, but TWO bookcloth Album Covers (Teal and Coral) along with one set of each White Pages and Protectors and Multi-Pocket Pages and the Fall In Paper Pack and Slide-In Pack. Absolutely perfect for beautifully complete albums!

And now on to the really good stuff – page layouts galore! Diana Brinsley has done it again with a blog post chock full of super page layout ideas that you can check out here, but before you go on to her blog we’ve got a few to share here, too.

First up is a quick and easy 2-page spread which is simply a pair of Fast2Fab Predesigned pages that have been dressed up just a tad. Here’s what the pages looked like before we added a few fun doodads:


Super fun pages that don’t “box you in” when designing, yet do most of the work for you! By simply adding a few bits of paper and some embellishments, you’ve got some great completed page layouts in minutes! And here’s what they look like after:

Creative Memories Fall Layout

To create the pages above, you’ll need:

On the left page, cut a strip of striped paper to measure 12″ x 4-1/2″. Adhere across center of page as shown, then adhere 2 horizontal photos across the strip. Using Paper Trimmer, cut away “So Blessed” art from Slide-In Pack Card, then adhere to red patterned paper. Trim around art, then adhere to page. Adhere leaves as shown, then journal to finish.

On the right page, Cut a strip of striped paper to measure 6-1/2″ x 12″. Adhere to center of open section on page as shown. Adhere 2 horizontal photos and Slide-In card as shown. Cut strip of thought bubble art from border sheet, then adhere down the right edge of page as shown. Adhere leaves as shown.

Bam! Totally cute pages in minutes! You really can spice up any Fast2Fab page with just a few additions and make them look like you spent hours on them.

The next 2-page spread featured here is a combo of a Fast2Fab predesigned page on the left, and a blank white page on the right.

Creative Memories Fall Layout

Here’s what the left (predesigned) page looked like before we dressed it up a little:

Fall Page Layout Before

This page was nearly perfect as it was, but to blend it together with our from-scratch page on the right we added just a few things. To create this 2-page spread, you’ll need:

On the left page, first cut a strip of red patterned paper to measure 6-1/2″ x 12″ and adhere it down the center of the two purple photo mats on the right. This is where thinking outside the box comes in handy – we’ve got 3 vertical photos and only 2 photo mats. NO problem, we’ll just adhere one big strip of paper and add all 3 photos. In the vertical photo mat area, adhere “This is the Good Stuff” slide-in card and add leaves to lower right corner. Adhere stickers to upper left corner and presto – finished.

The page on the right is relatively simple, too. Start with a full sheet from the Shades of Neutral Paper Pack and adhere it to your white page. Next, cut a piece of red patterned paper to measure 9-3/4″ square, purple patterned paper to measure 9-1/2″ square, white cardstock to measure 9-1/4″. Layer these pieces together and adhere to page.

Using Corner Rounder, “chomp” out a reverse notch from each corner of two 4×6 photos and adhere as shown. Trim one piece of white paper and one photo to measure 2″ x 3-1/4″ each. Adhere both to black cardstock and trim around, leaving very thin black border around each. Adhere each set of layers to green numbers patterned paper and trim around, leaving approximately 1/4″ edge around black. Adhere to page. Adhere monogram sticker to white paper and trim around. Adhere to black cardstock, then trim again and adhere to lower left corner of journal block.

Using Border Maker with Medallion Frame Chain Border Cartridge, punch along entire edge of 12″ tan paper, then adhere to page as shown using Mini Tape Runner. Adhere leaves and sticker to page to finish.

Next, you’re off to Diana’s blog where you’ll find more page layout inspiration. Happy scrapping!

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