Project Idea: Best Things in Life Page Layout

Fresh, fun and fabulous – simply the best way to describe our new Fresh Picks line. Featuring gorgeous watercolor washes in turquoise, purple and yellow hues, this collection is quickly becoming a favorite of many. And, when paired with uniquely lovely treatments of photos and papers on a simple white page – well, you can see just how great the results can be.

To create it, you’ll need:

Step 1: Using a paper trimmer, cut a piece from the lavender paper to measure 12” x 8”. Cut this piece in half, so that you have two pieces that measure 6” x 8”.  Use the Corner Maker to round the corners on one side of each of the pieces.  Adhere each piece to each side of the spread, so they butt up together in the middle as shown.

Step 2: Cut one piece from each grey and yellow patterned paper to measure 4-1/2” x 6-1/2”. Adhere green flower print Slide-In card to grey mat and turquoise leaf-patterned Slide-In card to yellow mat. Adhere mats to pages as shown.

Step 3: Trim two photos to measure 3-3/4” x 5-3/4”. Adhere one photo to each photo mat.

Step 4: Using the paper trimmer, cut four strips of blue patterned paper to measure 12” x 1”. Adhere to the top and bottom edges of the scrapbook pages on each page.

Step 5: Cut two strips of grey patterned paper using the paper trimmer to measure 8” x ¾”. Adhere along the blue patterned paper along the top right of right page and bottom left of left page as shown.

Step 6: Cut two strips to measure 7” x ½” from yellow patterned paper. Use a scissors to cut a “v” into one end of each strip.  Adhere along the top of the plum strips.

Step 7: Cut four different patterned papers to measure 4” x 4”. Use the corner maker to round the corners along one side of each square.  Adhere to the layout on the far left and right sides of each page as shown.  Add square photos to the top of each paper mat, slightly offset as shown, using foam squares.

Step 8: Using the CCS, cut a circle from the floral patterned paper using the outside of the small circle with the green blade. Cut this circle in half with your paper trimmer.  Adhere one half along the top right of right page and bottom left of left page.

Step 9: Using the CCS, cut out the butterfly circles from the paper using the inside of the small circle and the red blade. Adhere to the circle halves as shown using foam squares.

Step 10: Cut the border out from the border strips paper. Cut border in half, then adhere each half on top of the photos. Add one pearl (from Fall In Leaf Embellishments) to the outer edge of each of the border halves.

Step 11: Use black pen to journal.

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