Project Idea: Be My Valentine Page Layout

Oh, so sweet and cute to boot! This brother & sister duo are inseparable, and destined to be each other’s perfect valentine.

Designer Melissa Ullmann put a fun spin on the border she punched using the Heart Chain Border Maker Cartridge – after she punched a “chain” of heart circles, she then snipped between each heart to make them “bendable” to fit around the outside of a flower! How fun & cute are they?

To create these pages, you’ll need:

Step 1: Cut a piece of 12” x 12” pink patterned paper into two pieces, one measuring 4” wide, and the other 8” wide. Adhere the piece that is 4 inches wide to the left page of the spread, and the piece that is 8 inches wide to the right page of the spread as shown.

Step 2: Cut four pieces from plaid patterned paper to measure 4-1/2” x 6-1/2”. Adhere to the spread as shown. Adhere photos to 3 of these mats as shown.

Step 3: Cut out the title block from the paper saying “Will You Be My Valentine?”. Adhere to the plaid mat on the left page.

Step 4: Cut two of the ribbon/banner die cuts in half. Adhere to the upper right and left sides of the spread, on the edges of the paper mats as shown.

To create flowers:

FlowerCloseUpStep 1: Using the Custom Cutting System withmat, cut out a circle using the inside of the large circle pattern with the green blade from cardstock.

Step 2: Using the heart border maker cartridge, punch a strip from the desired patterned paper.  Cut slits in between each heart with a scissors. Adhere around the outer edge of the circle with a mini tape runner.

Step 3: Cut the inside smaller circle from patterned paper using the inside of the medium circle with the green blade.  Adhere to the center of the flower using foam squares.

Step 4: Cut a strip from brown cardstock to measure ¾” wide, by the height desired.  Create the leaves by using the inside of the large CCS-circle with the red blade, cutting one side, then moving the circle to cross over the previous cut so that when your next cut is made, it creates a leaf shape.  Adhere leaves to the stems using foam squares.

Step 5: Add heart die cut shapes and gems to the centers of the flowers.

Step 6: Adhere flowers to the spread.

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