10 Photos to Take on Graduation Day

Whether your graduate is graduating from middle school, high school or college, his or her graduation day is super exciting. It’s definitely something you will want to create a scrapbook layout (or two) for! Graduation day can also be a bit on the stressful side – your graduate not only needs to be at the school on time, but you also need to be there early enough to get “good” seats. I don’t know how many times I’ve attended an important graduation thinking that I was early only to find the parking lot and the bleachers already full! In all the hustle of just trying to be on time, it’s easy to neglect those all important graduation day photos! It helps to plan ahead and to know in advance what photos you want to take for your scrapbook album. Here is what I hope is a helpful list of graduation day photos to take:

1. A cap and gown photo.

This is probably one of the most important photos to take and yet I often forget to take this picture! The best time to get a picture of your graduate in her cap and gown is before the graduation but when that’s not possible, don’t forget to take that picture afterwards!



2. A photo or photos of your graduate during the processional.

This photo is not always easy to get but well worth the time and effort it may take to get it! I’ve missed the opportunity to take a processional photo too many times but when I took the photo below, I was determined! Some indoor graduations are more formal and it’s best to stay in your seat. But, if you can, the best way to get this shot is to leave your seat and get as close as possible to where you expect to see your graduate during the graduation processional.



3. A photo representing any special recognition or awards your graduate receives during the graduation.

It seems that all schools handle this differently. Middle schools and small high schools present awards and recognize achievements during the graduation ceremony. Larger schools have a separate awards ceremony before the graduation. If your graduate receives an award or an achievement recognition during her graduation ceremony, be sure to take a picture for your scrapbook album!



4. A photo of your graduate receiving his diploma.

Again, this photo is not always an easy photo to get! If you don’t have a telephoto lens, you may have to leave your seat to get closer to the area where your graduate will receive his diploma. Which is not always possible, particularly when the graduation is a more formal college graduation like the one shown below. This particular photo was taken with a telephoto lens and I highly recommend using a camera with a telephoto lens …even if you have to borrow one!



5. A photo of your graduate showing off her brand new diploma.

This photo is often taken by a professional photographer at the graduation. If you can, it’s a lot more fun though to get one yourself!



6. A fun photo of your graduate’s decorated cap.

If your graduate has decorated her cap be sure to get a photo of it at some point. It will make a fun addition to your graduation scrapbook album!



7. A photo of graduation caps being tossed in the air.

Or whatever the graduating class does to celebrate! Be sure to have your camera ready at the end of the graduation ceremony. The opportunity to get this photo comes and goes fast.



8. A photo of the graduate with his parents.

If you are one of the parents, don’t forget to hand your camera to someone else to get this important photo!



9. A photo or photos of the graduate with family and friends who attend the graduation.

It may be difficult to get everyone together for a photo after the graduation, and you may have to take several photos to get everyone in, but these photos are fun to take. And, they are also just as much fun to include in a graduation scrapbook page. Make sure to get photos of the graduate with his grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, friends, and, as in this photo, his cousins.



10. Finally, don’t forget to get a photo of yourself with the graduate.

Be sure to either take a selfie or hand your camera to someone else to get a picture of you with the graduate.



These photos would make a fabulous addition to the Achievements Fast2Fabulous Album!

There you go! I hope you find these photo ideas useful! If you have any graduation photo taking ideas of your own that I haven’t covered, please let us know in the comments section below.

Good luck, have fun, take a lot of photos and don’t forget to print the photos you take!


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