Photograph Tips for Celebrations and Events

Do you try to capture everything at your celebrations and events on camera?

That was me!

I saw everything through the viewfinder on my camera and didn’t seem to enjoy the party or celebration.

Here are a few pointers of what to get photos of and put your camera down and enjoy the party!

Be Prepared…

Depending on how large the event is I will make a list of the people, celebrations and objects I want to capture.  If you are the organizer of the event this frees up your mind to not have to remember this on the special day.  I usually keep this list on my phone because my phone is never too far away.

Eat cake…

50th anniversary-7509


Make sure you get a photo of the cake before it is cut as the guest(s) of honour will appreciate this at the end of the day.

50th anniversary-7522

If there is a special moment for the cake cutting or blowing out the candles, capture that moment as well!  This can be posed or a candid shot, just snap a few.


Capturing that photo with the candles lit just before they blow them out can be tricky.  First tip is to turn off your flash!  Second tip is to turn up your ISO.  My settings for this photo is 1/200 sec at f4.5 ISO 3200.

A photo while Happy Birthday is being sung can be a sweet photo as well.


The setting is always a wonderful memory as the guests don’t always take the time to step back and take in everything that is happening.  Take that wide angle photo get the big picture.


If the tables are set-up pretty make sure you grab a photo because as the guests arrive they won’t look like this for very long.  The party planner has usually gone to a lot of planning and shopping to get the perfect decorations for the event.   Standing on a chair and getting above the table is always a nice affect as well.

Details, Details, Details…

Grabbing a photo of the fancy food and decorations is a must!

Weddings are a wonderful place to snap those detail shots to share with the happy couple.  Newlyweds never get tired of seeing photos from their special day!

Colour theme parties are fantastic to photograph (and scrapbook)!

Prom is a special time and all of those beautiful details don’t want to be forgotten so photograph everything!


A photo of the birthday boy or girl is a great idea to show their features at that time in their life whether they are young or old.  If you can get their age in the photo with a banner, candle or card, even better.


A photo with their favourite gift is fantastic memory to capture because we think we are going to never forget that Grant got a drum set for his ninth birthday.  It is always best to have a photo to go with the story.

Capturing the people at the celebration is one of the most important photos to take.   The family and friends who attended can never be lost when you have a photo of them.  Our relationships in our life are the most precious memories to capture.  I would love to have a photo like this one of me with my grandparents.  I know Grant will treasure this photo taken on his 10th birthday in years to come.


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  1. I love these tips. We just bought our granddaughter a camera for her 9th birthday. I printed this off to give her along with other tips. I want her to understand that you don’t have to take a million pictures to capture the event.

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