“Christmas in July” Scrapbooking Layouts

It’s not often that I happen to be scrapbooking “in season”.

Right now, I’m working on albums for both of my grandchildren and have come upon Christmas photos.

Creative Memories’ holiday collections are seasonal items, and we won’t get our new holiday collection until later this fall.

But no worries!  Both our A Year to Remember Part 1 and A Year to Remember Part 2 paper packs contain a few sheets of red and green prints.

For my first layout, I used paper from A Year to Remember Part 2.  And with a few tools and cardstock, I was able to create my own Christmas embellishments.


To make this page, you’ll need:

Step 1:  From green dot paper, cut two 3.5″ x 12″ pieces and adhere to tops of pages.

Step 2:  From red print paper, cut two 6″ x 12″ pieces and adhere under the green dot pieces.

Step 3:  From cranberry cardstock, cut two 2.5″ x 12″ pieces and adhere to bottoms of pages.

Step 4:  From remaining green dot paper, cut two semi circles using the largest circle cutting pattern and the blue blade on the outside edge.  Adhere pieces to bottoms of the red print pieces.

Step 5:  From white cardstock, punch four borders using the original border maker with evergreen cartridge.  Cut two 1/4″ strips from evergreen cardstock.  Line up evergreen borders as shown and adhere evergreen strips in the centers.

Step 6:  From white cardstock, cut two 3.25″ wide by 3″ high pieces.  Notch one end of each into a ribbon edge.  Mat the pieces with cranberry cardstock, add title and journaling.

Step 7.  Mat photos with cranberry cardstock.

Step 8:  To make poinsettias:  Use the Maple Leaf Punch to punch three maple leaves from red cardstock and two maple leaves from evergreen cardstock.  Use the gold pen to color a wide border on the edges of the red pieces and to draw veins on both the red and evergreen pieces.  Assemble as shown using gemstone embellishments in the center.  Repeat.


For my second layout, I used paper from our new Triumph Paper Pack.  This pack contains several sheets of red prints.  I created the border for this page using our Original Border Maker with our Button cartridge and our new Ocean Waves cartridge.  They’re upside down, but the red waves remind me of candy canes.


To make this layout, you’ll need:

Step 1:  To conserve paper, you may wish to cut out the centers of the red plaid paper using the 12-inch straight trimmer.  Preserve a 1.5″ border of the plaid paper on each side.

Step 2:  Cut black cardstock to 10.25″ x 10.25″ and adhere to plaid paper.

Step 3:  Cut red dot paper to 10″ x 10″ and adhere to black squares.

Step 4:  Cut two circles from cranberry cardstock using the smallest circle pattern and the blue blade on the outside edge.  Cut two circles from white carstock using the smallest circle pattern and the green blade on the outside edge.  Adhere white circles to the cranberry circles.

Step 5:  To make the borders:  Cut two 1.5″ x 12″ cranberry strips.  Cut two 1.25″ white strips and adhere to the cranberry strips.  From black carstock, punch two button borders using the original border maker.  From cranberry cardstock, punch two ocean waves borders using the original border maker.  Assemble all pieces as shown.

Step 6:  Mat photos with black cardstock.
Step 7:  Assemble pages as shown and add title and journal.



Merry Christmas in July!


7 thoughts on ““Christmas in July” Scrapbooking Layouts

  1. OMGosh! The ocean waves look like candy canes!
    Love these ideas that show how we can make Christmas layout without even using Christmas themed supplies!!! No excuses now to stop scrapping because I don’t have the “right” themed embellishments. hahaha

  2. Wow is right!! I would never think of wave punch on a Christmas page – awesome inspiration – THANKS!!

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