Cool Serenity Slide-ins While on Vacation

On Vacation…

I just wanted to share an idea on how to use the Slide-in Packs to get an album completed quickly.

When I packed for vacation this time I packed a Cool Serenity Slide-in Pack and my Creative Memories Pens and a commitment to journal while we were on vacation!

I always take so many photos when we are on vacation because I want to capture the memories, but I also enjoy photography so it is a major hi-light of vacation for me.

 I struggle when I get home to get my album done because our busy schedule sometime gets in the way.

This time I thought I would try something different and journal about our vacation while we were there and use the Multi-Pocket Pages to complete my album when I returned home.


After our adventures of the day I would ask for one member of our family to write about the hi-light of their day.  It was enjoyable to sit out by the pool or on our deck to share and write our stories.



Usually my jounrnaling is in my handwriting, so I love that my slide-in cards are in my family’s handwriting.  This will make the written memories even more special for example, this is Grant’s handwriting at 10 years of age.  It won’t look like this in a few years.


I not going to lie to you, journaling is not my favourite thing about scrapbooking.  The papers, the embellishments and the photos are my favourite, but I know it is important to have the stories to go along with the photos.  I do have to say though I did enjoy writing these stories when they were fresh in my mind.  I think that is the secret!


Some other ideas if you didn’t want to journal each night while you were away, is to journal on a rainy day, on the plane ride home or during a lay over in the airport.  You could also plan a time at the end of your vacation for each of you to write your favourite memory and then share your memory by reading aloud to the family.

Returning Home…

After I was unpacked, I started going through my photos and choosing the ones that went with our Slide-ins that we wrote on vacation.  I had them printed in 4 x 6 size to fit in the Multi-Pocket Pages.   It was so simple to complete my pages with our memories already written for me.

Slide in the photos, journal card and choose a decorative Slide-in and done!

Some examples of my pages that I did super quick!


So remember my secret that I shared, get your memories down as soon as they happen and this makes journaling so much easier and fun!

Happy Journaling!



7 thoughts on “Cool Serenity Slide-ins While on Vacation

  1. Great ideas. Taking the journalling one bit at a time and letting everyone contribute takes a big “ouch” out of the job! :-) Fabulous!

    1. Sorry if I got you excited about the new pen colours that are really old pen colours. In the end black and brown match most pages and show up the best on your page. :)

    1. Thanks Helen! I actually did bring that shell home because I bought it in a store specifically for taking photos. Last year I bought a large starfish and used it in my photos and this year the shell.

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