Halloween Paper Craft Medallions

I see them everywhere.  Medallions.  Paper Medallions!

They are adorable and so easy to make!  You can create small ones, or very large ones all dependent on the width paper you use.

But, how do you make these adorable paper medallions to incorporate into your decor?

Using our Bats in the Belfry Collection will add to the spookiness of your Halloween decor.

Let me show you how to create these adorable pieces, so you can add to your Halloween decor, or perhaps even a birthday or Christmas!

Tools you will need:  Paper, Trimmer, Adhesive (Glue Gun), Multi-Purpose Tool

Step 1:  Cut two strips of paper to measure the same width. (I cut mine to measure 2-1/2″ x 12″).


Step 2:  Using the Multi-Purpose Tool, score the paper lightly every 1/2″ along the “blade guide” on the trimmer.


Step 3:  Fold back and forth on the scored lines.


Step 4:  Adhere the ends of each piece using a glue gun to create a single piece. (Unfortunately, the tape runner is not strong enough to hold these together for any length of time.)


Step 5:  Using both hands, gather the top of the paper accordion, pressing the center down.

Step 6:  Keeping the medallion pressed down with one hand, use your other hand to adhere glue with a glue gun. Let dry.


Completed Medallion:


The possibilities for this adorable paper piece are endless!


Cluster, and hang as a wall hanging.
Layer different sized medallions to create a pumpkin.
Punch a hole, and hang medallions on twine for a banner.
Paper Medallion Banner using the Soiree Collection.


Go, give it a try!  Tell us what you will create with paper medallions!

*These medallions are meant for your home decor or party favor projects.

Happy Creating!



7 thoughts on “Halloween Paper Craft Medallions

  1. love those!!!
    I am looking for Croptoberfest banner. I will be having Croptoberfest on Oct. 26th. I would try something else… for it maybe pumpkin pattern to put the word of Croptoberfest every year.
    I think its awsome…

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