Digital Scrapbooking – Daily Docket Ideas

Daily Docket Collection is one of the most versatile kits released!  I love the papers in the kit because they work with so many photo themes.  The same goes for the embellishments as they are very generic and work for many occasions.

Vacation Memories


Here I used one of my photos from our vacation for the background and faded the top and bottom edges of the calendar page onto the background.  I used a favourite photo for each day of our vacation and sized it to fit the coordinating day on the calendar page.  I added the month and year and a few embellishments that worked with the photos and I now have a summary of our vacation all on one page!

A Year in Review


Another fun way to display a collection of all different photos themes together is to use the Daily Docket to enhance calendar pages.  On these two pages I used a favourite photo from each month of the year and the calendar page as a guideline to line up my photos and used the papers to fill in the empty space on the page.



Of course it is that time of year again – RESOLUTION TIME!  Daily Docket is perfect for displaying your resolutions for the new year!

Happy New Year!


8 thoughts on “Digital Scrapbooking – Daily Docket Ideas

  1. hi

    I was wondering if there are any discounts coming up-like shipping – or something?? I need to order books and pages

    but was wanting to see. there is a line for discounts – where do I look for that ??



    1. Hi Nancy, This would be better addressed on the Creative Memories Facebook page or if you have an advisor you could ask to be on her email list so she can notify you of any upcoming or current promotions.

      Also, the products I used on these pages are all digital so the shipping is always free for digital! :)


  2. Beth, I love that your resolutions are exactly the same as mine. I was eating a York peppermint while reading your post. :) On the calendar did you add the dates yourself? Does the template have a text box already on it that I can just put the date in it?

    1. Hi Cathy,
      I LOVE York peppermints!

      No there isn’t a text box on the calendar template. I made my own and copy and pasted to each day. It is fun to chose the font you like for your numbers!


  3. Love the layouts! Just wondering if you are using Storybook or Forever? If you are using Storybook, where are you printing? Thanks! I so want to get back in to digital but feel stuck until I decide if I need to make the jump to Forever/Artisan. Thanks!

  4. Hi Kathy,
    Thanks! I actually didn’t use a font on these pages. I used the embellishments from the Daily Docket kit for the months and the ABC/123 digital kit for the remainder of the words.


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