Challenge 7: Creative Memories NSD Virtual Crop

Today has FLOWN by.  I am guessing because we have had so much FUN spending the day together.

Were you able to complete projects?  Did you learn something along the way?  We hope that we have inspired you just a little bit.

Thank you SO much for joining us.  We saw amazing projects come through today!

Let’s finish off the day by creating some banners/flags.

Challenge 7

Challenge 7:  Create a layout using this sketch as inspiration, and adding banners/flags to your layout—  To qualify for the prize for this challenge, take a photo (Make it stellar–and you might be featured on our blogs or social media!), then upload it to the Facebook Event Page. Make sure you use #CMNSDVirtualCrop if you are posting your projects on Social Media.

You have until 7pm CST on Saturday May 6th to submit your project to qualify for this prize.



Layout created by Melissa Ullmann- CM USA Home Office

To create this layout, you will need:

  • Sorbet Paper Pack   US   CAN   AUS
  • Sorbet Embellishments   US   CAN   AUS
  • Sorbet Stickers   US   CAN   AUS
  • 4-Way Corner and Hole Punch   US   CAN   AUS
  • Scissors   US   CAN   AUS
  • 12″ Straight Trimmer   US   CAN   AUS
  • Tape Runner and Foam Squares   US   CAN   AUS

To create the banner flags, fold the piece of paper in half length-wise, and cut at an angle using a scissors.  Cut your pieces of paper different lengths and widths for variety.

I outlined the banners/flags using a pen showing more of a definition between the patterns of the papers.



Marja creates a banner using triangles, and adding a sticker to the top edge.

Layout created by Marja Deeth- CM Canada Home Office

To create this layout, you will need:

  • Cap & Gown Paper Pack   US   CAN   AUS
  • Cap & Gown Stickers   US   CAN   AUS
  • 12″ Straight Trimmer   US   CAN   AUS
  • Tape Runner   US   CAN   AUS
  • Black and Brown Dual-Tip Pen   US   CAN   AUS
  • Foam Squares   US   CAN   AUS
  • Mint ABC/123 Stickers   US   CAN   AUS




Layout created by Karyn McDermaid-Rolfe- CM US Advisor

To create this layout, you will need:

  • Woodland Whimsy Boy Paper Pack   US   CAN   AUS
  • Decorative Trimmer   US   CAN   AUS
  • Watercolor Green ABC/123 Stickers   US   CAN   AUS
  • Woodland Whimsy Embellishments   US   CAN   AUS
  • 12″ Straight Trimmer   US   CAN   AUS
  • Tape Runner   US   CAN   AUS
  • Evergreen Cardstock   US   CAN   AUS
  • Leaf Trio Punch   US   CAN   AUS

Digital Flags/Banners:

Digital Layout created by Beth Thomander- Canada Advisor
CM Design Team - Page 057
Digital layout created by Beth Thomander- CM Canada Advisor

To create this digital layout, you will need:

  • Uncharted Digital Kit   US   CAN   AUS
  • Forever Yours Digital Kit   US   CAN   AUS


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Future Virtual Crops:

Saturday September 16 2017

Saturday November 11 2017

Happy Creating!

9 thoughts on “Challenge 7: Creative Memories NSD Virtual Crop

  1. So sad. Had to work today and missed all the fun. At least I got challenge #1 done last night and it did give me incentive to get more done of my album. Thanks for putting these virtual crops on. I’ll still go back and check out the other challenges.

  2. Thank you so much for today’s crop! EVERY idea presented this past day and a half has been OUTSTANDING. The templates are going to be so useful! I know I won’t be able to complete the challenges in the next few days (I’m a VERY slow scrapper), but I will come back to these over and over again! Thank you again! I’m looking forward to Sept. 16!!

  3. What a great day! I got lots of great ideas for future pages. I got behind so I am still working on some of the challenges. It was a wonderful NSD! Thank you, CM!

  4. I really enjoyed the crop today, even though I had to leave this afternoon so couldn’t finish. I do have one “complaint”. Maybe the special offers could be kept valid until the end of the day? I really wanted the Pop Sugar embellishments, and even put them in my cart, but when I got home from the church picnic they were no longer in my cart. I didn’t realize the offer ran out at the end of the crop time, and central time at that. I am willing to pay full price, but I see that they are not available at all. Will they be offered in the future? Thanks again.

  5. Would you please leave the posts up for a day orvtwo. So those of us who wrk shifts or have very por internet service can have a chance to join in. Even if we can’t win a prize. At least we can get some new ideas. Thank you.

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