Pawsitively Adorable Pet Layouts

Oh how we love our pets and they deserve scrapbook pages too!  Fur Buddies Digital Kit is perfect for designing pages with pet photos.  We never want to forget how much love and comfort they bring to our lives and capturing those memories is so important.  Sometimes we don’t have our pets very long so these are treasured photos.

CM Design Team - Page 050

Fur Buddies Digital Kit has beautiful muted colours to compliment our pets and make them the focus of the page.  A tip from this page is layering the title over a piece of vellum so it will pop off of the background paper.  The vellum was made by inserting a rectangle shape in white and then changing the opacity to your desired value.

CM Design Team - Page 049

The soft grays and beiges are a perfect match for Tinder’s fur coat.  I used the cutting tool on this page to cut a section of the collar away to make it appear as if the collar is looped over the arrow.  For the tags I decreased the size of the tags and added a heart that I also shrunk down in size and added a 3D Edge to use it as a fastener.  I used the 3D Edge on the ABC/123 letters and the heart embellishment.

CM Design Team - Page 048

Another perfect match of paper for Oscar’s soft gray fur and the soft green compliments him wonderfully!  I used the 3D Edge effect on the ABC/123 letters and the heart embellishment.  I love how it gives the letters a different look.  I also changed the colour of the cat outline so it works on the dark gray paper.

Happy Creating!


6 thoughts on “Pawsitively Adorable Pet Layouts

  1. Oscar’s photos conquered me. Especially this paw that stretches from behind the bush :)
    You decorated each page very beautifully, it is clear that you worked with the soul!
    I never had a talent for decorating. But I love my terrier, so I ordered a 3D figure in the 3D Generation
    And while this is the only thing that reminds me of my dog when I am at work (I put the figure on the table near the monitor).
    It’s a pleasure to look at how other people make memorial books with their pets. Continue to please us with such photos!

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