A Sweet Treat

Upon flipping my calendar to today, I realized it is one of the SWEETEST days of the year.

National Chocolate Day.

Need I say more?

This prompted me to run out and buy some……wait for it……CHOCOLATE!!!

Are you like me, and always looking to bless someone with a sweet little treat every now and again?

I picked up a package of chocolate candy bars (six per package).  You know, the ones that are wrapped so simply, but yet are so beautiful? It took everything in me to avoid NOT eating these before I glammed them up.


I decided I would create a few for some different occasions and events.  Some that could be gifted today, and some to be gifted in the future.  ( I will have to hide these to make sure I don’t eat them first!)

I am sure whoever these are gifted to will be delighted and grateful that you thought of them—with chocolate!

Here are the few simple ideas that I came up with.

These all start with the base piece being cut to 5-1/2″ x 5-1/2″.


To create this wrap, you will need:



To create this wrap, you will need:



To create this wrap, you will need:



To create this wrap, you will need:



To create this wrap, you will need:


Now go out and bless a few others with the gift of CHOCOLATE! (Make sure to save at least one for yourself too!) I am hoping that you didn’t notice that I only glammed FIVE, and not SIX (like the package included)!

Happy Eating– (or I mean Creating!)


8 thoughts on “A Sweet Treat

  1. I love these designs. I have done similar candy bar wraps before, but these are just adorable! Thank you for sharing.

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