Traditionally Non-traditional with Mix & Match

I feel the need to give you a little history of me.  I love to create cards and mini albums but I had a mental block with scrapbooking I could not get rid of.  I wanted to scrapbook the numerous photos I have at home but I always felt like I would do it wrong.  I was afraid of someone pointing out everything that I shouldn’t do on a layout.  Not sure how I broke the mental block but it is gone forever!! I realized the pages I create are for me and my family to enjoy, it’s not like I am publishing them for the world to see…oh wait!  I am!!  I believe my style of scrapbooking is far from traditional but I am always happy with the result.  I hope you enjoy the layout I made of my great nephew Bannon.

Bannon Layout

When I opened my box of goodies, I instantly fell in love with the Mix & Match designer paper packs!  It’s the perfect compliment for a masculine layout.  I must thank Bannon for creating the perfect outfit. I chose the Mix & Match Neutral designer pack for this one page layout. I chose three of the patterned paper to cut out the 2 inch circles using the Custom Cutting System. Once I cut out 18 circles (6 from 3 of the patterned paper), I cut each 2 inch circle in half using the 12″ Straight Trimmer.

I started placing the half circles on a piece of white cardstock to establish a pattern I liked. I adhered each half circle using the repostionable tape.  I wasn’t overly thrilled with the results on the plain white cardstock.  I found the woodgrain paper in the Mix & Match Designer Paper Pack and knew it was going to be my new background.

Original Layout

The repostionable tape is a MUST HAVE for any crafter!

I used the 12 inch Straight Trimmer and the Multipurpose Tool to score a line approximately 1 1/2 inches from the top and 1 inch from the left side of the Mix & Match Designer Paper to establish my first line to adhere the half circles to the page.  I used the repostionable tape again to adhere the half circles to the designer paper.  I have seven rows of half circles in no particular order.  Once I was happy with the placement of the half circles, I brought out my sewing machine!


I sewed the top of each line of half circles.  I love the look of the thread at the beginning and end of each row.

Once I finished my sewing project, I typed out my journaling and used the 12 inch Straight Trimmer to trim it all out.  I adhered a capital B from the Black ABC/123 Stickers using Foam Squares to pop it up.

I hope this layout inspires you to think outside the box when creating. Remember creativity is contagious…pass it on!

Happy Crafting!

Terri Kocher

*** Using your sewing machine is completely optional.  Layout can be created by drawing “faux” stitches with your Dual-Tip Pen.

19 thoughts on “Traditionally Non-traditional with Mix & Match

  1. Love this. I tell myself the same thing when cropping that “I’m doing this for me and my family”, who cares if it’s not straight. I’m not creative, but I love this idea except for the sewing machine. Too much trouble to pull mine out so will use the pen. Thanks!

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  2. I love this layout because it is not complicated. I don’t know how to sew but there are other options to adhere the half circles. Thank you for being so creative with minimal amount of work.

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