Lost In A Digital World

A few weeks ago upon arriving home for work, I did what I normally do-check the mailbox (of course, hoping that I got that check from Ed McMahon and Publisher’s Clearing House).  It wasn’t there, but our small local newspaper was.

The Sauk Rapids Herald.

I perused it, looking at the local police happenings (small town) and outcome of our beloved “Storm” sports teams.

As I was reading there was a certain article that struck a chord with me.  I can relate to the thousands of undeveloped photographs in my phone, how about you?

Lost in the Digital World

So, let’s act on Natasha’s findings, and get those photos off of our phones, printed and into an album.  Don’t have much time for it?  The Fast2Fabulous pre-designed pages are the perfect fit for you!

So, instead of spending my time looking at police happenings, I will now be spending that time printing my photos.

Make sure that you share your progress with us on social media using #creativememories.

To print this article, you can print the PDF, here: Lost in the Digital World

Originally published in the Sauk Rapids Herald by Natasha Barber


12 thoughts on “Lost In A Digital World

    1. You can upload them to many photo printing sites through a mobile app or you can plug your phone into a computer and copy the photos over. Good luck!

  1. Such a great article Melissa! When my mom passed in 2003 at age 72, I inherited the 32 photo albums she left behind. To me that was the best legacy one could ever receive. Everything was in order & dated. I’m making strides to get my pictures off my phone and into albums. I dearly love scrapbooking, but have realized I can’t scrap everything, so I’ve been doing slide in albums for each of the 4 grandchildren. Just yesterday, our 8 year old granddaughter was able to pull her album off the shelf to show a friend. It did my heart good. Now if I could only get my daughters in gear to print out their pics of the grandkids! I’ll be saving this article & sending it on to them.

  2. Melissa – This is a great article and blog post! Thanks for sharing it. I agree, too many photos are lost and never printed, how sad!

  3. Thank you for sharing your article! I sooo agree – my husband has hundreds on his computer!

  4. Great article. Sometimes I do miss the limits of Film Camera’s. Before taking a picture you had to really think about it and was this a moment that I wanted to capture on film. Don’t get me wrong as I do love my digital camera and the fact that I can set it to take a series of pictures in a row especially when it is an action shot or I am on a moving train. but when you have a roll of film and only limited to 24 shots you really think about what you want to take a picture of.

    Last year we took an Alaska cruise for the first time. When I got home and printed all of the pictures there were over 1500 prints. Now I didn’t scrap every picture taken but we do have a digital photo album that I have uploaded all of the pictures to that we do enjoy watching flip through.

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