What’s it like to be a Creative Memories Advisor?

Do you love scrapbooking with friends? Do you love the idea of seeing new products before anyone else?

If you would enjoy having a hobby that makes you feel great, preserves your family memories and helps pay the bills, we’d love to welcome you as a Creative Memories Advisor!

The moment you sign up, you begin earning 10% on every order that you place on the Creative Memories website and it goes up from there. You also get access to our private Advisor Facebook community where you can share your passion for scrapbooking and get new ideas.

See what the Advisor experience is all about in the two-minute video below!

Each of our tens of thousands of Advisors is different; what everyone has in common is the shared joy of a hobby they love, access to exclusive products and the rich friendships that come from sharing photos and stories. Plus, the peace of mind that comes from no minimum order requirements — you can share CM at whatever pace you choose.

If you’d like to make the most of your Creative Memories business, we can help you grow. Most of our Advisors who have thriving businesses never imagined when they signed up that they would be leading weekend crops in rooms filled with 50 and even 100+ women! They are amazing women to meet!   

Janna Gummo

Janna (on the right) joined CM in October 2022 and is currently a Level 3 Advisor (earning 30% on her orders + her customers’ orders)

Janna’s Story: My lifelong bestie (Kerry G.) has scrapbooked for years, but it was never my thing. After we went on an Ireland trip together (a big anniversary of friendship and birth that COVID had postponed), I went to her house to see what it would take to do a book of our trip photos. I fell in love with it! I said “yes” to the opportunity because I’m a girl who LOVES A DEAL. I made Level 2 in my first 60 days and just hit Level 3! I love how CM has thought of everything. I have done other small, home-based businesses in the past and none of them have put this much thought into how they can set their Advisors up for success.

The NSD stuff was step-by-step instructions. Absolute genius. Even the Penny app — it’s just incredible. CM paying for it means there are zero barriers to being able to be an Advisor for anyone! No website to purchase There are loads of training in our Advisor HQ, which again is mind-blowing to me how curated and thoughtful this business is!

The creative bits are what I love the absolute most! Fast & Fun with Noreen, the hashtags on Facebook — where everyone shows off their albums or layouts — and the blog. The blog! Like, the trendy one-page layouts… I get serious FOMO! If I am ever stuck or feeling like my stuff is a little ho-hum, I just go watch a vid, swipe through Facebook or read the blog. The ideas are endless. I just adore that.

I also REALLY love how Home Office listens to us. Adding measurements to sketches and producing a price list for the catalogues — it’s rare to find a company that takes responsibility when something goes wrong and then moves rapidly to change it. It thrills me to know that as I grow my business and grow as a scrapbooker, Creative Memories has my back.

BUT THE BEST PART of being a CM Advisor is getting to share a passion with my BFF. We get together to crop every few weeks. We order in some food and spend the better part of the day into the evening scrapbooking. It was a huge part of her life and now we share it together!

I’m also looking forward to sharing my passion with other friends (soon-to-be potential customers!) while knowing that there is no pressure to sell to them. The products sell themselves and I love them — it’s a dream come true.

Susan Lepore

Susan: (second from left, above) became an Advisor in February 2022 and is currently at Level 4 (earning 35% on personal and customer orders).

Susan’s story: I discovered Creative Memories through my friend and fellow Advisor, Alice (1st on left, above), and signed up because of my love of the Original Border Maker System! I then dived wholeheartedly into the collections, punches, etc., and have not stopped since.

I decided in 2022 that I wanted to grow my business and work toward bringing Creative Memories to more people. I started my Zoom Creative Corner Social Hour — which is still going strong on Tuesday nights — and added monthly crops and events in my home. It has grown from there and now I host our monthly crops at Lookin’ for Games in Levittown, Pa.

My favorite things about being a CM Advisor so far are bringing joy to others by helping them fall in love with their photos and introducing them to the quality products through all my events.

From the training and support of Home Office to the encouragement of my team, I cannot think of a better opportunity to offer to others! I look forward to sharing all the new things to come and making my corner of the world a better place — one person at a time.

Kelly Brady

Kelly: (middle) joined Creative Memories in January 2018, is a Level 4 Advisor (earning 35%) and has one team member.

Kelly’s Story: When I was 20 years old, I got pregnant with my first child, so I was a young mom. I met up with a friend in the same position and we formed a bond as we were trying to figure it all out. One day, she invited me over and told me to bring my pictures and our boys could play. We sat down and went to work, old-school-style stickers and all! When I put my pictures of my baby on a page, I felt love all over again in my heart — the same love that made me snap that photo in the first place.

I then discovered I loved being creative. And I realized every time we got together, the time spent scrapbooking with my friend was really therapeutic. I had a lot of stress being a young mom of a special needs child and it was my only outlet.

A few years later, I met another mom and we hit it off. She scrapbooked and invited me to my first CM crop. I was flabbergasted at how good the product was, and when I got introduced to the idea of being an Advisor, it was a no-brainer — I wanted to get my products at a discount.

Fast-forward to today, this business has given me blessings beyond my comprehension. My income today helps me to pay off debt and save more, and let me tell you, financial freedom is priceless. I am working toward earning the escape to Puerto Vallarta, and I’m going to make it happen!

I have the biggest group of fans and supporters, and I’m not even famous! They encourage me in everything, and we talk more than I talk to friends who are not Advisors, so the biggest win from CM was that I gained another “family.” They love me and accept me for who I am and they make this advising stuff sooooo fun! My second-favorite thing is seeing the smiles on people’s faces because of what I helped them with or the product I introduced them to that brought them joy!

Beckie Belote

Beckie: (top row, second from left) joined the new Creative Memories in November 2014, is at Level 5 earning 40% on customer and personal orders and has 70 team members.

Beckie’s story: I discovered Creative Memories in 1997 when I was desperate to be at home with my newborn baby who had a life-threatening disorder that required major surgery. I never knew how much being a “stay-at-home” mom called to me until her life was almost taken away. Creative Memories provided just enough to allow me to quit teaching and stay home with her. My husband’s career supported me through the learning process and he helped me to achieve my dreams.

Today, the income from my husband’s income varies with the ebb and flow of our economy, and he faces health issues, so at times, I am the sole income earner. I feel so blessed to be able to totally provide for every need of our family with my Creative Memories business… it feels good to be able to relieve HIS stress during these times since he was my strength as I got started.

My main reason for starting and continuing my home-based business has been the income, but the personal growth and confidence in myself as a result of being an entrepreneur, leader, public speaker, YouTuber, bookkeeper and event planner has forever changed who I am in a positive way. To think I had NONE of these skills before I started is so hard to believe. I was just a math teacher before, and now, I am skilled in so many new ways!

One of the other biggest perks of this business has been the friendships. I feel I am surrounded by the most amazing community of women. When you work with people and their photos for your career, it is natural to build deeper relationships with them. I have had the joy of working with many of the same people for over 26 years now, and as a result, I have been a part of births, graduations, weddings, amazing vacations and more through their photographs.   

In addition to my clients, I am blessed with a team. A team of women who I CHOSE to work with and they me. It is great to go to “work” with people you love and admire. Women who are different, living in different parts of the country, but still with the same love of helping others through their photographs. Having women with their own unique skill sets working together side by side enriches all of us in amazing ways. Our Advisor retreats, conventions and team meetings in person and via Zoom allow us to be connected in ways I never imagined when I started so many years ago. I am so grateful that Creative Memories came into my life — frankly, I can’t imagine life without it. Making scrapbooks for MY family and helping others to do the same, as well as guiding teammates to have a successful income to make THEIR dreams come true is a legacy that will continue to live on long after I am gone! The friendships that have developed in my scrapbooking community — among both clients and teammates — are forever, with or without me, and for that, my heart is full. 

Is this for me?

If you would enjoy having a hobby that makes you feel great, preserves your family memories and helps pay the bills, we’d love to welcome you to CM!  

It’s easy to join our community — there are no monthly order minimums or hidden costs — you pay the sign-up fee, then get to enjoy CM Credits to use on your first order. From there, you can grow at whatever pace you’d like.

It’s an incredibly simple plan: Advisors earn 10-40% back on all your personal and customer orders and 2-8% on team members’ sales. You’ll also get early notice about products, access to our exclusive Advisor Facebook Group, Advisor-only products, special Advisor-only promos and more. The more you share, the more you earn.

*U.S. earnings plan shown.

Visit the Join page to learn more, or talk to your current CM Advisor who would love to chat with you! US | CA | AU

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One thought on “What’s it like to be a Creative Memories Advisor?

  1. I was a Creative Memories advisor for many years but the lives of the extended family took it’s toll on how much I could do. We lost many family members, a couple advisors left because of illness, well…..you get the picture.
    I hung in with it but my customer base had shrunk to only a couple. I hated to give up because I love the product and the advisors!
    I sold my inventor and walked away. But I didn’t really walk away. What we do is so very important!
    Today’s world is frightening but when we take our pictures of family and our beautiful country …. It gives us hope. The stresses the children have today is mind boggling and they need the positive reinforcement that the albums can supply. Knowing that they are loved by parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles offers them hope. Then when you add their friends and accomplishments it helps keep them grounded.
    So, when I got an email the other day that said “join us” and it said you didn’t need to stock inventory and this was truly what YOU wanted it to be – well, how could i say no?
    I love Creative Memories!!! Great products. It’s fun to do and if you want to meet great people — THIS IS the place you want to be!

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