Challenge 6: November Virtual Crop

Have you had so much fun that you want to keep scrapbooking?

We have wonderful Advisors across North America that hold Cropping Events on a regular.

Reach out to an Advisor near you to see when their next event will be held.

Make sure to add February 23rd and 24th to your calendar for the next Virtual Crop! RSVP to the event now, so you don’t forget!

Thank you again for joining us today.  We look forward to seeing you around the CM-World! :)

Challenge 6:  Create a layout following the sketch below.  Take a photo and post it to the Facebook Event Page by 3pm CST today (Saturday the 11th) to qualify for the prize for this challenge.  

When posting your projects to social media, use #CMVirtualCrop.


Challenge 6

Some ideas for you…..

Martha Murray
Created by Martha Murray- Advisor;  North Carolina, United States

To create this layout, you will need:

  • Denim Paper Pack, ABC/123 Stickers  US  CAN  AUS
  • Slice of Summer Stickers  US  CAN  AUS
  • White and Navy Cardstock  US  CAN  AU
  • 12-Inch Straight Trimmer  US  CAN  AU
  • Black Dial-Tip Pen  US  CAN  AU


Created by Sachiyo Omitsu- Advisor;  California, United States

To create this layout, you will need:

  • Gallivant Paper Pack  US  CAN  AUS
  • Bookworm Stickers and Embellishments  US  CAN
  • Cool Serenity Embellishments  US  CAN  AUS
  • Tape Runner and Foam Suqares  US  CAN  AU
  • 12-Inch Straight Trimmer and Scissors  US  CAN  AU
  • Black Dual-Tip Pen  US  CAN  AU


Created by Marja Deeth- Creative Memories Home Office;  Canada

To create this layout, you will need:

  • Glacier Paper Pack and Stickers  US  CAN
  • The Tape Runner  US  CAN  AU
  • 12” Straight Trimmer  US  CAN  AU
  • Jagged Tearing Tool  US  CAN  AU
  • Pens & Pouch  US  CAN  AU


12 x 12 Sketches - Page 012
Created by Beth Thomander- Advisor;  Nova Scotia, Canada

To create this digital layout, you will need:

  • Adventure Digital Collection  US  CAN  AU


Nordic Card Kit

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Happy Creating!

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  1. I never saw challenge #5 on facebook or in an email. Would you be able to send the email again? Thanks, Cindy

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  2. I have been trying to post my pic of Challenge #6, for about 15 minutes, but it’s stating, “Taking awhile to post…” I have retried several times and even deleted, then trying again, but it’s still not posting. Any suggestions? (I’m posting from my phone and had no issues posting the previous challenge.)

  3. I tried to order the Nordic but it come up as an option for me. I guess I missed out on another one. It would be nice if it could be limited to 1 per participant so we each could have gotten one, the next day if there were left overs they could be purchased by others, I will keep dreaming.

    Thank you though for all of the great layouts and my first crop experience. I had a great time!

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