Digital Scrapbooking Layout Ideas for the Archiver’s™ Collection

I have inherited a few of my Mom and Dad’s family photos and I know a few of the stories from the photos, but there are others that I do not know when or where it was.  It is so important to gather those important pieces of information before they are lost and the Digital Archiver’s™ Kit is a perfect collection for these photos.

I chose this photo for this page because I love it!  I love the car, the way they are dressed and they seem to be stopped somewhere and sipping tea from fine china.  I know this is my paternal grandmother second from the left, but I don’t know the others in the photo.  I plan to show this to my dad and see if he can enlighten me on the story behind the photo and then I can add a journal box to the page.


On this page I used a lot of layering of the photo mats and I especially love the photo mat that has the layering done for us!

2018 Pages - Page 002

The Archiver’s™ Digital Kit doesn’t just have to be used for heritage photos.  Of course the butterflies in this kit called to be used with my butterfly photo.

Here are a couple of tips I used to create this digital scrapbooking page.


On the title, add a 3D edge filter to each one of the letters and soften quite a bit to give it a round puffy feel.


For the butterflies, change the sizes to have variety and change the color to match your page.


On the photo mat with the journal book use a soft edge filter to erase the paper under the journal book.

Can’t wait to see what great photo ideas you come up with for the Archiver’s™ Digital Kit!


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  1. Love the heritage layout! I have all my mother’s photos which include both grandmother’s photos, as well. This paper will give me inspiration to start cataloging her collection.

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