7 Must-Have Scrapbooking Tools


Okay, you’ve been asking for it, and we’re ready to dish! What are the most important tools that every scrapbooker should have? Whether you’re new to scrapbooking and not sure how to start or a veteran scrapbooker looking to complete your collection, we have compiled a list of the 7 must-have scrapbooking tools that everyone–yes, everyone–who is into scrapbooking and crafting should have. Are you ready? Let’s see how many of these you can check off the list…

1) 12-Inch Trimmer


The 12-Inch Trimmer is the #1 must-have tool for scrapbooking and paper crafting! Why? You can’t cut paper without it. It measures up to 12″ so you can easily cut 12×12 designer papers and cardstock in one simple swoop and complete projects in a snap! Watch this video to learn how to use it.

2) Tape Runner


The Tape Runner is another scrapbooking essential! What is the most important feature, you ask? It’s photo-safe! And, it’s tested to last; your photos and paper will not move off your pages. We offer different types for different papers and projects such as the regular Tape Runner Refill, the Mini Refill, the Repositionable Refill (hint: you need to have this one!) and the Vellum Refill. Watch this video to learn the differences between them.

3) Custom Cutting System


custom cutting systemThe Custom Cutting System will make you feel like a professional! You can cut so many different sizes of various shapes. We offer patterns that will cut circles, ovals, rectangles, gemstones and even a jumbo hexagon. Perfect shapes every time! You can always find a layout that works perfectly with any of these shapes. Trust us… you’ll never cut shapes with scissors again! Learn how to use the Custom Cutting System in this video.

4) Foam Squares


Foam Squares are the best way to add dimension to scrapbook layouts, cards and craft projects! Each pack includes two sizes of double-sided Foam Squares that work for all the places you want to add more effect with dimension and layering. Use them with stickers and embellishments, and even with paper! You’ll love Foam Squares so much you might even need a pack to add clusters of fun flowers to the pages of your work planner or to add to decorations on your desk!

5) All-Purpose Scissors


Let’s face it… you need a dedicated pair of quality scissors for scrapbooking and paper crafting! One that’s clean, sharp and works perfectly every single time. You’ll want to hide it in your scrapbook stash so only you know where they are because if you share your CM scissors with your family, you’ll end up needing to purchase more – everyone will want their own pair!

6) Border Maker System & Punches


You cannot be without the Creative Memories Border Maker System. It makes it so easy and fast to embellish a page, card or project and find creativity you didn’t know you had!  The Guide and Housing System allow you to change the cartridge for different shapes and patterns, and new cartridges are offered that work with new projects! This is a must-have system that all fits perfectly in our storage case. See how to use the Border Maker System in this video.

Our standalone punches offer a variety of patterns, and many can create continuous borders! You’ll find so many uses for the intricate patterns and shapes to complement and complete your scrapbook pages and crafting projects – even school and work projects will look better with the Creative Memories Border Maker System and standalone punches!


7) Multi-Purpose Tool 


You won’t know how you lived without the Multi-Purpose Tool once you have one! This smart tool works for so many purposes, from applying stickers and embellishments perfectly to a page to lifting old photos that you want to save from unsafe sticky albums. One end is a flat surface and one end has a pointed tip. A must-have for anyone that scrapbooks and crafts!

So… that’s our list of your scrapbooking must-have tools! Do you agree?

Share with us what your go-to scrapbooking tools are in the comments below! 

56 thoughts on “7 Must-Have Scrapbooking Tools

  1. you are correct, don’t know how I would survive without the Multi-purpose tool. Use it all the time. But my other go to tool is Titletopia ! Not sure if they even still make it, but bought it back in the day and use it every time I scrapbook.

    1. I haven’t used my Titletopia in a long time, thanks for reminding me. We have a scrapbooking retreat scheduled soon, so I am going to get that one “tool” out and use it again.

    2. The tape runner is the best! I love the custom shaping system especially the oval. I must confess I liked the “old” blades better than the new ones that pivot.

    3. I have to heartily agree. I use it for every page that has letters and numbers. I can’t scrape without it but mine is wearing out, lines are disappearing and I wish CM would bring it back so I can replace it.

  2. PERSONAL TRIMMER! :) That is the only thing that isn’t listed that I can’t live without. Totally agree with all the rest – all of my favorite tools.

    1. Yes! My personal trimmer gets used all the time. It takes center stage on my scrapbooking table.

  3. * Multi-purpose tool – don’t know what I would do without it.
    * Scissors – they became our go to family scissors years ago. There are multiple all around the house
    * Tape Runner – I have not found a better one in the market than Creative Memories. It is worth it!

  4. I agree! Also as Lisa mentioned, the Titletopia! I also use it every time I scrapbook. So thankful that Creative Memories is back and we have a consultant in the family!

  5. I can do with out the foam squares, and personal trimmer is a must also, but I agree with everything else

  6. I couldn’t survive without the Personal Trimmer!! You can trim the tiniest amount from pictures and paperwork with it.

  7. I remember when you never used foam squares or any thing that stuck up on your page what happened?

    1. Glad you mentioned this. Do the ‘foam square’ people actually use them in albums? Or jsut cards and shadow boxes etc??

  8. I can do without the foam squares & hardly ever use the multi purpose tool. I do use the personal trimmer a lot.

    1. I signed on with CM when it was 6 yrs. old and stayed till the end. anything that is raised in an album can damage your photos — so I don’t understand why these ared sold for albums making — they would be okay for making cards, but not in albums.

      1. Agreed! It’s a danger to let CM be just part of the “craft phase”! Let’s remember to protect our photos!

  9. Perfect seven! I am in love with the border maker and cartridges! Cannot get enough of them!!!

    1. I love the border maker … the best thing from CM in a long time… it is used all the time at my crops! Would love more cartridges!!

  10. I am old school and don’t use foam squares but use my personal trimmer, power layout box, and titletopia on every album.

  11. Personal trimmer & black journaling pen are more important for a go to list I think too! I have the border maker system but find I don’t use it that much! Use my power sort box more! That’s another go to tool for me!

  12. My personal trimmer will need replaced soon and I go through black pens as well. I do agree that the Tape Runner – all kinds – is the best on the market. The cutting system and those three were well I needed/had for my first couple of albums. They are essentials.

  13. My goodness…where is the Personal Trimmer? That is one of the most basic tools that everyone should have…lets you crop pictures on the go! And also, a black pen should be listed if we follow through on how important it is to recored memories!

  14. I have never used the multi tool or foam squares. My favourite that you haven’t listed, from the old days, is the glue pen. Best thing ever!

  15. I have them all, but rarely use the foam squares. Personal trimmer, though, is a must as are pens to journal.

  16. Have most of these tools, Haven’t scrapbooked for a while due to some medical problems really do miss it should get the tools I don’t have

  17. Agree with most of this. Punches/border maker have always been “extra fluff” in my book! When I teach a newbee the basics of doing a first layout, my list also includes the black pen and the power layout box along with a collection kit/paper pack and matching stickers.

  18. I have everything but the border maker system. I do not use my multi purpose tool because I am not sure exactly how to use it. I use my personal trimmer on almost every project I do. Someone above mentioned the titletopia and I have this, but again could never really figure out how to use it. Love my tools and they are the BEST !!! I have had my personal trimmer and straight trimmer for 10 years !!! They are still going strong.

  19. My corner rounder is my all time favorite! Love all the others mentioned but I never use the foam squares in my scrapbooks, but it is popular for cards.

    1. I cannot imagine using any other tape runner. The 7 you mentioned above are the best. Only use Creative Memories products.

  20. For the traditional scrapper using alphabet stickers, the Titletopia is a MUST! I rarely use the Custom Cutting System or foam dots, but I couldn’t scrap without the Personal Trimmer or the 12″ trimmer.

  21. Yes, I agree with all of the above but the Personal Trimmer is a must! I also like and use the Titletopia. Several of my customers use the Power Layout… also the Power Sort. CM does have great tools for the beginner and also for those of use that have been using them for over 20 years. :)

  22. Para mi las mejores herramientas las tenemos nosotros con CM, yo con casi 15 años, en este año los cumplo, las sigo utilizando todas, porque me encantan, para mis album y tarjetas, etc..

  23. While I really like the boarder maker system, I don’t feel it is a “Must Have”, however, my personal trimmer is a must have. I don’t see how that didn’t make the list.

  24. While we all have our own personal favorites instead of critiquing the list I suppose we could always make our own. I think this was some good highlights for all! The personal trimmer is my best friend for cropping pictures, a black pen is great for writing and embellishing and a corner rounder is a nice touch sometimes. But, really we could justify everything in the catalog in some way or another. Lol. Lets get real about it :)

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